Book Club Invitation Letter with samples

Congratulations on your book club! I guess you have an awesome plan laid down for your book club already. However, there is no point having something beautiful that people won’t get to be a part of and for something as awesome as your idea, you’d need to send out invites. That is the purpose of this post. I’m going to be guiding you on how to write book club invitation letters and I’d include a sample of what your invitation letters should look like. So, let’s begin.

Why do you need Book Club Invitation Letters

You might find this question hilarious but a good number of people wonder why they have to go through the stress of composing such invites. Why not just spread the news by word of mouth? First of all, you should already know that the reason why you started a book club is to give friends, family and sometimes strangers, an opportunity to get together one day a month and share their findings with each other after having read the book for the month. In my opinion, Word-of-mouth is great. It can get the job done. However, while it might be a great way to get the word out, you shouldn’t rely solely on that. It is just one piece of the puzzle and in the long run, depending on the kind of book club you want to run, it will come in very handy.

I believe that  It’s best to start out with sending out book club invitation letters. Not only is it courteous but it is very effective in serving as a great reminder. Most people like me, tend to be very forgetful due to the fact that we live in a busy world. We might forget things we hear in passing but if there is some sort of physical evidence to remind us of what we have to do, it’s easier not to forget. So, that’s why I’d prefer something written and given to something told. I do hope you get the point I’m trying to make. It’s best to start with some kind of physical evidence of invitation alongside word-of-mouth than rely on word-of-mouth to do the trick.

Just Before the Book Club Invitation Letters…

I’d like to mention a few tips for the benefit of any of my readers who don’t know how to start a book club. You can’t be sending out those book club invitation letters without having a strategy first. So, here are a few helpful tips,

  • Decide what kind of book club you’d like to have. Will it be one where any kind of book is read or you have a specific genre in mind? Are strangers welcome or strictly friends and family? How many people? What time do they meet? Your book club can have a central focus or feature a variety of literature. It’s all up to you to make inquiries and decide.
  • Make a list of people you have in mind to invite. It’s always great to start with friends – people you are familiar with. Be sure they are interested in the kind of books you have in mind. But you have to be careful though. Having familiar faces can sometimes cause you to drift from the purpose of the meeting and start to chat about other things. You should have contingencies for that.
  • One good way to avoid losing track of your book club’s focus is by inviting strangers and distant acquaintances. Now I know that this might be a little difficult but these strangers might just be who you need to bring a new kind of flavor and fresh perspective to the group. Libraries are one of the best places to meet such people as well as bookstores. It doesn’t mean you won’t find them in other places. Just engage them in small talk and try to find out what kind of literature they are interested in.
  • The advertisement of your brilliant idea is where the book club invitation letters come in. And amazingly, you can advertise by sending out this invites online too. You can go traditional and print out flyers so people in your neighborhood can see. But the focus of this article is guiding you to write book club invitation letters so let’s return our focus to that.

What to include in your book club invitation letters

Here is a few important thing you shouldn’t miss out when writing your book club invitation letters.

  • Your tone should be warm and friendly. It should make strangers see a reason to want to be a part of your book club.
  • Include the location, date and time.
  • Your book club invitation letters must include essential information, such as the time and date of the approaching meeting. Very important! If you miss out on that, it means you’ll be having your book club meeting alone or with a few friends that already know the place.
  • Additionally, you should pick a book beforehand and include it in the invite so that all readers show up well-read. You can consider using book-themed invitation decorations, or include a bookmark, to spark book club excitement.
  • Also, remember to include a contact email address or phone number that they can reach out to just in case they have any inquiries.

Book Club Invitation Letter Samples.

I should mention that there is an option of sending out handwritten book club invitation letters. You can customize it by addressing it directly to the recipient. This would work for someone you know but it’s time-consuming. Online styles are often free on websites such as Evite so I’d say you should consider using e-cards. They are easy to design and a great way to reach out to them. Canva is also a great place to create such designs. Just find out if all your potential book club members have an email address. If you have a book club open to the public, you can also design posters on Canva so you can print out and place them in bookstores and libraries.

Here are a few book Club Invitation digital ideas that would help inspire you.


Wedding Invitation Letter

If you are having trouble finding the right wedding invitation letter wording, you sure are in the right place. Let me start by saying big congratulations to you and your spouse-to-be. Marriage is something beautiful to look forward to and I’m so happy that you two lovebirds found each other. So, I guess you’ve picked a date already and you want to start sending out those wedding invitations but you are not getting any writing inspirations. You are the reason I wrote this article. I am going to try to break the whole process down for you so you can get fresh ideas for yours. Feel free to pick any of the samples at the end of this article. However, let’s lay some ground rules first.

When to send out your Wedding Invitation Letter

Well, it is totally up to you. But here is my advice. Do not send out invites if you are not certain about the date you picked yet. Giving notice six months or a year in advance might sound great but it isn’t advisable. Anything can come up within that long period of time which might require that you reschedule or perhaps cut down on your guest list. So, don’t be in a hurry. if a lot of people are going to have to travel for your wedding, sending the invitations out two or three months in advance will be a greatly appreciated. Take your time and choose a date that works well with your schedule and your spouse’s too. Also, consider not sending out to everyone that comes to mind. Work with your budget. For instance, if your budget allows you to invite 100 people, make a list of those hundred people in order of priority. We all know that there are some people whose presence you value more than others. Pay attention to this fact while compiling your guest list.

Wedding Invitation Letter Etiquette

I believe that a lot of preparations for your wedding are underway already. Now, there is the matter of drafting and sending out your wedding invitation letter to those you wish to share the moment with. Here are a few pointers I call Wedding Invitation Letter Etiquette, to guide you while you prepare to write.

Tone of your Wedding Invitation Letter

You should know that not everyone is going to be addressed the same way. Why? Because relationships happen at different levels and it is important not to get that mixed up. For instance, if your boss is on your guest list, the way you address his invitation letter won’t be the same way you’d address your friend’s letter. Your wedding invitation letter for your friend will carry a personal, informal time while the one for your boss will have a formal tone. So, it is important to bear in mind the kind of relationship you have with the people on your guest list and address them accordingly.

Include Important Details

Details of the venue and time should not be left out for any reason. Amazingly, some people forget to include their name and that of their spouse. Please don’t forget that and assume that they will figure it out by themselves. Be sure to include all of that including the number to call for further inquiries. If there is going to be a color for the day, please include it in the letter so they can be informed about it beforehand. The key here is just to remember to legibly communicate who, what, where, and when.

Using Punctuations

You shouldn’t use punctuations at all except when writing titles like Mr., Mrs., or Engr. The return address to be included must be the hosting party’s address. Also, don’t forget to capitalize these letters and the names that follow. Your date should be spelled out clearly in either of these formats: Saturday, 7th January 2018 or Saturday, Seventh of January, Two thousand and eighteen. The time should be written either at 10:00 AM or Ten o’clock in the morning. Apart from the names and title, only capitalize at the beginning of each sentence. You will understand better when you look at the sample I added at the end of this post.

Keep your wedding Invitation Letter Simple and concise.

Don’t go beating around the bush by including unnecessary pleasantries and details. Go straight to the point. Please limit the use of abbreviations while you write. It’s really great and it offers more understanding to the recipient when you use complete words. Oh… I forgot to mention. You probably should know this already. Don’t mention anything about gifts on the wedding invitation. You want people there because you love them, not because you want their money or gifts. So, let them come as they are. If they bring a gift, that’s great!

Wedding Invitation Letter to Boss

There is usually a small issue that comes up when it comes to sending out a wedding invitation letter to your boss. And I believe this can get worse if you dislike your boss. So, I guess the real question is, Do I want my boss to be at my wedding ceremony? Should I send him a wedding invitation letter? Personally, I think it is courteous to extend an invitation to your boss depending on the kind of work relationship you two have going. If the presence of your boss would make you feel uncomfortable, then do not send out your wedding invitation letter to him/her. That’d make room for other people you really want to be there. If you decide to invite your boss, please use a formal tone while addressing it. If you are friends with your boss, make it formal with a personal touch. That way, you won’t be disrespecting them with your invitation.

Wedding Invitation to Office

Although your wedding is a formal event, you should send an official wedding invitation letter to your guests including your coworkers. They should be treated exactly like your other guests, therefore, you should include them in your guest list and include them in the invitation letter count.

I should say here that extending your wedding invitation letter to your colleagues at work can be tricky sometimes. You can’t invite one person and leave out another. However, it is great to start with the colleagues that you hang out with at the office. Inviting your coworkers out of obligation is actually risky. Your innocent invitation might just bring up resentment in the hearts of those you didn’t invite. What I’m saying, in essence, is that you should invite as much as you can or the few people you actually have a good relationship with. Later on, after the wedding, you can bring a part of your cake and share with the others who couldn’t make it.

Wedding Invitation Letter Wording Samples

Here are a few samples you can work with.

My dear __________ (Name of Friend),

This is to inform you that January 14th has been fixed as the date of my marriage. Of course, the printed invitations have been sent, but I must write personally to a close friend like you to join us on this occasion. Please come two days before the marriage as I have to talk to you about certain important matters. You know that I won’t take a ‘no’ from you.


Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Here is a sample of a short personal letter that will be sent out along with the wedding invitation card

Dear Mr.(Name) and Mrs.(Name),

We are pleased to inform you our wedding is scheduled to take place on (Date).  An invitation is enclosed herewith.  Due to various reason as you would understand, we are unable to come and invite you personally.  However, please kindly treat this as our personal invitation and attend the wedding well in advance and bless the couple.

We look forward to seeing you at the wedding,

Yours Affectionately,

[Name of Bride and Groom]

E-mail Sample



Subject: Invitation letter for wedding

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

We request the pleasure of your presence at our wedding. The date of the wedding is fixed on _____ (date of the wedding) at _____ (time) and will be organized at _______ (venue of the wedding). You request you to remain present at least before 2 days of the wedding.

We invite you to share our happiness and celebrate the union and the beginning of our life together. We would be obliged to get a favorable reply from your side and we would be expecting your presence in the wedding. Thank You!

Yours Truly,


Name and Signature

Bid Invitation Letter with sample

Perhaps you are planning to embark on a new construction project but you are short on manpower or someone to head the project. As the contracting agency, you have to publish a public announcement of this bid in order to alert interested contractors and the rest of the general public that you have a pending contract. That’s what a bid invitation letter is for and I’m going to show you how to write one in this article. Most of what I’d be talking about here, is to help you familiarize yourself with the process of writing a bid invitation letter. So, let’s get started.

What is a Bid Invitation Letter?

I already mentioned that a bid invitation letter is a way of publicly announcing your pending contract. In simpler terms, I’d say a bid invitation letter or an invitation to bid letter is a kind of letter written by you [the soliciting company] and sent out to contractors to enable them get acquainted with the project and tender for the contract. You are inviting interested contractors to bid for the project.

By doing this, you are able to have a wide variety of potential suppliers to choose from and you get to choose what fits your company’s budget the most. Your invitation to bid should contain very important details like the terms & conditions of the bid, description of the building, its location, and the opening date & deadline for acceptance of bids.

What’s the difference between Bid Invitation Letter and Request for Proposal?

Well, I actually thought you might have this question so I decided to provide an answer to help you understand. An invitation to bid letter and a request for proposal are similar in the sense that they both require contractors to submit a bid proposal so that they can be considered for the contract. However, invitation for bid is focused on pricing – comparing contractor prices and then choose the most suited [usually the lowest]. Request for proposal on the other hand, considers other options including the pricing. You’d be looking out for concepts and ideas that stand out and can get the job done for your company effectively. This could mean that you may choose someone whose price isn’t the lowest but has a better concept and approach to the project than the lowest bidder. So, I had to tell you this so you’d know and decide on what kind of bid you’d like to send out.

Considerations when writing a Bid Invitation Letter

Here are a few guidelines and points you shouldn’t overlook when putting your bid invitation letter together.

Be very thorough in your research.

Make adequate research and get yourself acquainted with the project before you start to send out your invitation to bid. You should conduct a research to determine the average cost price for the project, what kind of materials would be needed, estimated implementation time and any other thing you consider necessary. This will help you craft your specifications better when writing the letter and then choose the most suited candidate for the job when it is time.

Give a Detailed Project Description and make sure your letter is clear and concise

While writing your project description, make sure you include everything necessary. This way, the contractors bidding for the contract won’t be left trying to fill out the blanks themselves. Include important details like the start date and deadline for the bidding, terms & conditions amongst other things.
You should keep your Bid Invitation Letter clear and concise. Instead of telling stories, go straight to the point, stating the purpose of the project, a brief description of what it looks like, and the requirements. It’s professional plus it allows your target contractors understand what you expect from them.


Try to ask the bidders for specific details so you can be able to have a feel of their work quality and include your contact details. Be sure to specify your terms clearly so they don’t misunderstand you.

Contents of a Bid Invitation Letter

I put together a list of what a bid invitation letter should contain. The purpose of this is to help you accurately draft your invitation to bid, covering all bases at least. Also, like I mentioned earlier, it’d help the bidder prepare their tenders accurately, watch company following your already laid down standard.
Hence, your invitation to bid should include:

  • A header – clearly stating the name of the letter [Invitation to Bid]
  • Name of the company soliciting the bid and project name.
  • Location of the project. If there will be a pre-order conference, you should include it in the letter as well. Don’t forget to add the address where this conference will take place.
  • Guidelines for submission and penalties [if any]
  • Include the location where the bid will be collected, the opening date and deadline for the bid.
  • Information required from the bidders. Please, do not fail to mention anything important here. You should list it out so that they can easily understand it and start putting together the materials.

Bid Invitation Letter Sample.

[Company Address] [Phone Number and Fax] INVITATION TO BID

TO: __________________________ DATE: January 2, 2017
FROM: ________________________ PAGES: 1
RE: [Name of Company and Name of Project]

Project Description:
This project involves the construction of a new 6,000 square foot story [name of project] building. The building project includes waterproofing, building insulation and [list the requirements of the project]. The sitework which has a work area of about [no. of acres], involves construction of parking areas, sidewalks, landscape irrigation and [include additional constructions that will be made].

Items to note:

  • A mandatory pre-bidding conference is scheduled for January 31st, 2017 at 10:00 AM. It will be held at the [following location] and lateness will attract certain penalties.
  • A site meeting may be held and attendees must provide a hard hat and reflective safety vest.
  • Your company is responsible for knowing any changes or modifications made during the pre-bid conference.
  • The Bidding Requirements, Conditions of the Contract and General Requirements within the project specifications must be reviewed and understood by all bidders. Bids that do not meet the required specification will be rejected.
  • Please note the required Alternate # 1 and Unit Price bid schedule on the bid form.
  • Minority/Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) are invited to submit bids.
  • Worker’s Compensation compliance (subcontractors need to provide insurance company as “insured by”), Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates, and Federal Aid Contract provisions apply to all bidders.
  • Visit [include website URL] and click on “bidding” to review our standard subcontract terms.
  • There are specific insurance requirements noted. Minimum insurance coverage is summarized in Sample Certificate of Insurance. There are specific safety requirements – See Subcontractor Safety Qualifications (SSQ).
  • Drawings & Specifications are available for purchase at [address]. Drawings are available for examination at [address].
    **This bid is due Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 1:30 PM**
    Please indicate if you will be bidding on this project and email me at [email address].
    Yes, I will be Bidding: ________ No, I will Not be Bidding: _________
    Business Name: ______________________________________________________________
    Contact Name: ________________ Office: _________________________ Cell: ____________
    E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________
Job Fair Invitation Letter to Employers

Job Fair Invitation Letter to Employers – Career Fair samples

Job fairs are the highlight of the job-seeking and hiring experience for most students and employers, respectively. They are a great platform for prospective employees to let their wide-eyed innocent imaginations run wild with expectations. And they are the perfect place for recruiters to prospect for significant potential contributors to their establishments. Little wonder it’s also considered speed dating for companies and job seekers.

If you are an organizer of these events, it is common knowledge that the success of a job fair is hinged on a few important aspects of the career expo. But nothing impacts the quality of the event like the quality of recruiters that attend the event. And what better way to get the attention of recruiters than writing top-notch Job fair invitation letters to employers?

Tips for Writing a Job Fair Invitation Letter to Employers

Writing a job fair invitation letter requires a similar amount of finesse and precision that other formal letters do. It is important that they are straight forward, and bear the right amount of information to get your invitees interested in the event enough to want to attend it. Remember that it is an invitation letter.

  • Fine Tune Your Organization:

Before drafting a job fair invitation letter to employers; as with every other formal request – get your details together such that you wouldn’t have to send out follow-up letters indicating a change in arrangement. This might be unavoidable sometimes – but as much as you can, avoid anything that would rub off wrongly on your consistency and the quality of information you are trying to relay.

  • Pick a Great Location:

The location is the life blood of any great event. The venue of a job fair should be somewhere that will be comfortable and would excite your prospective guests.

  • Leave a Contact

Remember to leave a contact that is reliable and, if possible – dedicated exclusively to the event. This will be the primary point of contact for the employers who have questions about the fair or want to respond to the invitation

  • Shorter Events Will Attract Better Prospects

Shorter events are a much easier to look forward to than overly long events. Even the most extroverted recruiters have their human limits.

  • If You’re Seeking Exclusivity, Make It Invite Only

Nothing screams “exclusive” like invite only events. This will restrict the event to only guests; both employers and job seekers – that are invited to attend.

 Sample Job Fair Invitation Letter to Employers

A job fair invitation letter to employers may be written from a variety of sources, but with the same aim. However, the purpose of organizing the job fair should be indicated as applies. For a school, it would be a great way to connect their students to employers and for some organizations, it may either be done as good will or as a means of creating opportunities for their employers when they are shutting down operations.

Sample Job Fair Invitation Letter to Employers (From a School)

Name of School
Name of Carrer


Human Resource Department
Name of Organisation/Employer
(City, State, Zip Code)

Dear Sir/Ma

We are writing to invite you and your organization (Insert Organisation name), as a public service to our to our (insert name of career fair expo) from (insert time)  on (Insert date).

We are currently seeking employers, business owners, and organizations that are currently looking to fill various positions with suitably trained individuals of relevant work experience.

We are hoping that they would participate in the career fair expo (name of career fair expo), to be held at the (Address of the career fair expo).

The purpose of the event is to provide a means to help our students and the community.

On behalf of (name of school), we hope that you would consider this request, while we will follow up to determine whether you wish to participate in this event.

When your participation is confirmed, a packet containing further information about the event will be sent to you.



Career Fair Expo Coordinator, (name of school)



Sample Job Fair Invitation Letter to Employers (From an Organization)




Employers/Organisation Name


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to inform you that our organization (insert name) is organizing a 2017 job fair under the theme “add theme.” The Job fair aims to bring together employers, experienced professionals and entry level individuals under one roof between the (insert date) at the (insert address).

It is our belief that the Job fair will offer both employers with an excellent opportunity to deal with their active and future staffing requirements.  Your participation is therefore highly essential, as you will come across the best candidates/professionals in the job market. Moreover, supporting high quality and innovative recruiting, investing in human resources and assisting in the capacity building of (insert country) as a participant will contribute in the human resource development o f the country.

Find enclosed within the letter, additional details about the upcoming Job fair.

Thanks for your kind consideration







Sample Resignation Letter

Whether it is to explore other better opportunities, or because of circumstances beyond your control, resigning shouldn’t always be considered a bad thing. In fact, the most guarded secret of success is knowing when to move on; and leaving prompts you in the right direction.

However, regardless of your sentiments towards your soon-to-be former job, a resignation letter is necessary to state your intention to leave politely.

Sample Resignation Letter – Categories

While it seems like an odd way of putting it, there are different kinds of resignation letters. The categorization is made depending on the circumstance surrounding your departure and the policy your organization has on resignations. It is often advised to tailor your Letter to suit your particular situation.

The types include –

  • Short notice resignation letters – particularly if your intention is to leave the job immediately, or shortly after.
  • Resignation letters that include a reason for leaving (stating reasons aren’t necessarily a must)
  • Job specific resignation letters; which are written to resign from a particular role, even if it doesn’t mean leaving the organization entirely
  • Resignation letter for colleagues and thank you resignation letters – these go without saying.

Things Incorporated Into Our Sample Resignation Letter

Circumstances not withstanding, there are a few elements that are similar to most resignation letters (if not all), you will find that the sample resignation letter we provide, has all or some of these features –

  • Address Of Manager Or HR Department Contact

The resignation letter should be addressed either one of the managers or the HR department. It is always a smart move to give a verbal notification to your supervisor or manager before filing a formal resignation; it shows your regard for their authority.

  • Brief But Clear Mention Of Your Intention To Resign

State your intention to Resign clearly, without leaving room for assumptions. Be succinct about the details you need to include;   and if it takes too long to explain, consider scheduling a meeting with your manager to discuss it.

  • Refer To The Notice Of The Provision In Your Contract (Not Compulsory)

If there are provisions in your employment contract that might come in handy for your resignation, you may also consider mentioning them. This, however, is not compulsory.

  • State Your Reasons For Leaving (Also Not Mandatory)

You may also include the fact that you are leaving for a new job, better position or relocating. Whatever the case, keep your explanations precise. This isn’t mandatory as well.

  • Specify The Date That Your Resignation Would Take Effect

State clearly when you intend to stop fulfilling any job-related duties to the organization. This is relevant for processing and is instrumental to when you get any entitlements that are due you.

  • Include A Personalized Thank You, Or Heart Felt Message (Not Compulsory As Well)

You may (or may not)  choose to include a thank you section. Indicating your gratefulness for the opportunities and support you have been given, however – it is only polite to close your letter stating that you regret the inconveniences that would be caused by your resignation.

Sample Resignation Letter


Wade D. Soto

Huffman & Boyle

166 Pickens Way,

Long View – Texas

9th August 2017

Racheal G Cox


Huffman & Boyle

166 Pickens Way,

Long View – Texas



Dear Manager


I would like to inform  you that I would be resigning from my position as Financial Analyst for Huffman & Boyle, effective from  19th August 2017

This is as a result of the fact that the hours are far more than my young family can bear , and because I wuld like to explore a different carreer path. Thus, in acocordance with the provisions of my employment contract, I would like to tender my resignation

I am grateful for the oppotunites given me while working with Huffman and Boyle both professional and other wise. I have enjoyed working in this establishment, and I regret whatever inconveniences my resignation would cause.

Kindly let me know I f I can be of any help during this time




Wale D. Soto

Financial Analyst


Sample Resignation Letter (Email Alternative – If Appopriate)


Email Subject Line: Resignation – Wale D. Soto (Huffman & Boyle)


Dear Manager


My apologies for this email notification, however – this is as a result of prevailing circumstances.

Kindly accept this Email as a notification of my intension resign from my position asFinancial Analyst  for Huffman and Boyle effective from 19th August 2017

This is as a result of the fact that the hours are far more than my young family can bear , and because I wuld like to explore a different carreer path.

I am sincerely grateful for the oppotunites given me while working here, both professional and other wise. I have enjoyed working in this establishment, and I regret whatever inconveniences my resignation would cause.

If I can be of any help during this time; kindly inform me


Best regards,

Wade Soto.



Ultimately the notification is no more than just an attempt to keep all relationships intact, now – you really don’t want to burn brigdes. Everyone is important in some sense.



Sample Retirement letter

Retirement is inevitable. Thus, the need to provide a sample retirement letter to serve as a template for yours.

You can think of it as a permanent resignation from work; and with how much time of your life you have spent working, you deserve it.

There are a varying number of reasons to retire – the most common of which, the individual has reached the age of retirement, and as such, it is expected of him/her by law.

However, voluntary retirement comes into view under any of the following circumstances –

  • Health challenges
  • Low salary
  • Other unavoidable circumstances.

Whatever the case, the organization from which you would be retiring, requires due notification of your intention – thus retirement letters.

How to Write A Retirement Letter

It is best practice to provide notification of your intention to retire in a thoughtful and precise way. Because your position will be left vacant, it is also important to give ample notice to the relevant authorities. We have written two sample retirement letter to serve as a template. But, here are a few other tips to writing a great retirement letter –

  • Discuss Your Intention to Retire With Your Supervisor

The letter is meant to serve as a formal notice. However, it is best practice to talk with your employer or manager in person. In any case, you will be guided on how to write the retirement letter based on company guidelines

  • State The Date From Which The Retirement Will Commence

The letter should contain the specific date from which you expect the Retirement to start. This will help you and your employer to make due arrangements in that regard.

  • Express Gratitude

The letter would be an ideal place to show appreciation for the opportunities that the position availed you. If you are unhappy with the organization, however, it is best not to mention it.

  • Mention Your Feats

Also consider reviewing your successes at the company, stating what value you have added so far. In the very least, the number of years you have worked in the company should suffice

  • Provide Contact Information

The company is likely to have your information anyway – but in the likelihood that your address and phone number are about to change, it is best to include this as well. This would help them to keep in touch.


Sample Retirement Letter


Victor Robinson

2465 Custer Street Pennslyvania

C Entreprises and Solutions

546 Stuart Street

Alquippa, Pennsylvania

10th July 2019



Zelma S. Gay


C Entreprises and Solutions

546 Stuart Street

Alquippa, Pennsylvania


Dear Ma,


My purpose of writing this letter is to provide a  formal notification of my retirement from C Entreprises and Solutions effective from 10th August 2019. Following company policies, I am giving a 4 week notice to ensure a smooth transition and completion of all outstanding projects.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for all of my Opportunites granted me by C Entreprises and Solutions.  While I am looking forward to retirement, I must state that I will certainly miss the team and I hope to keep in touch in the future.

All the best in your future endeavors and kindly let me know if there’s anything that I can do to ease the handover of my duties further

Best regards,


Victor Robinson.



Sample Retirement Letter 2


Victor Robinson, 

Sales and Operations

C Entreprises and Solutions

546 Stuart Street

Alquippa, Pennsylvania

10th July 2019




Zelma S. Gay


C Entreprises and Solutions

546 Stuart Street

Alquippa, Pennsylvania


Dear Ma’am,

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notification of my retirement from the positon of sales and operations clerk in C Entreprises and Solution I understand that my request to retire is unprecedented, and much earlier than expected, however I am compelled to seek an early retirement for circumstances beyond my control.

I am sincerely grateful for all the opp retinues that this company has afforded me. Even though I started out as a Messenger, I have worked my way up into my current position – availing myself to seeing the success of this company based on the opportunity given me. So, while I am looking forward to retirement, I must state that I will certainly miss the team and I hope to keep in touch in the future.

All the best in your future endeavors and kindly let me know if there’s anything that I can do to ease the handover of my duties further.


Victor Robinson


2465 Custer Street

Alquippa, Pennslyvania



Sample Invitation Letter for Inauguration Ceremony

For most events, an invitation letter is perhaps, the only thing standing in between a successful ceremony and a snooze fest. However, if you are going to get it the first time around then you  need a sample Invitation Letter for Inauguration Ceremony

However, inauguration ceremonies require a particular type of Invitation; the Invitations should carry the tone and weight of the event and deliver it to the recipient so that they can sit up and take notice. Further more, these are official invitation letters.

An invitation letter for an inauguration ceremony provides adequate notification to the esteemed guest to attend the Inauguration. In any case, state the details of the planned function for the guest’s consideration.

Ultimately, the invitation letter for an Inauguration ceremony must relay the purpose and relevance of the event, especially if you want to get the attention of anyone famous.

  Tips For Writing An Invitation Letter

  • Begin by stating their relevance to your event.
  • Write the invitation letter in a formal tone. This would demonstrate your level of professionalism, and make the invite take you/your organization seriously.
  • Include details of the occasion – including the address, date and time of the event.
  • Being an official letter, using fancy colors, fonts and slangs are not best practice.
  • Include a note of gratitude for the time of the invitees and appreciation of their favorable responses.


Sample Invitation Letter For Inauguration Ceremony


Jacqueline H Burgess

The Burgess Project

4849 Rhapsody Street,

Evanson Illinois

                                                                  9th August 2017

Mr Johnson Victor

4377 Richards Avenue

Stockson, California

9the Auguts 2017


Dear Sir

This is to humbly to be our esteemed guest at the inaugural ceremony of (Purpose of inauguration)  on (date)  at (time).

Our organization began from being an (insert former level/state), and we have continuously delivered satisfactory results and expanded our services to 4 different areas in the city. Considering  the overwhelming need for our services, we decided to advance our provisions to include (the purpose of the project being inaugurated) , and we believe that through it (things the new project hopes to achieve)

Further more, your presence at the inaugural ceremony as the (position)  will be a source of inspiration for us all.

Kindly accept our invitation.

Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response.



Sample Invitation Letter For Inauguration Ceremony – For a Guest of Honor

Project/Company/Establishment Logo

Jacqueline H Burgess

The Burgess Project

4849 Rhapsody Street,

Evanson Illinois

                                                                  9th August 2017

Mr Johnson Victor

4377 Richards Avenue

Stockson, California

9the August 2017


Dear Sir,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your donation towards our recently completed project.

With your favor and help, we have completed all mandatory tasks, and now inauguration of the The Burgress Project is scheduled to be held 9th August 2017. In any case, this ceremony would  frankly be vapid in the absence of our well-wisher and one of the most respectable persons in contemporary society

In brief, we would like to invite you, sir, to grace the inauguration ceremony of The Bugress Project as the Guest of honor.  

Your arrival would be an honor for us. Also, this will certainly enhance our morale and passion for doing the good that our organisation is known for.

Best Regards



Position, Project name






Invitation Letter to Media for Coverage of an Event

Media coverage is the lifeblood of just about every event. Whether or not the event impacts the general public, the advent of technology has successfully stratified society’s elite functions into two; media coverage friendly or unimportant – thus the need for an invitation letter to media for coverage of an event.

The use of television, radio and other sources of mass communication enhances visibility and broadens your target audience significantly. Be it a social event, political gathering, educational program, business or any religious gathering – media coverage creates publicity of the event and can be instrumental in capturing moments of events for later reference and use.

And what better way to attract the attention of a media coverage agency, other than to craft an invitation letter to media for the coverage of an event?

The idea of a media coverage invitation is to create a relationship by partnering with a media coverage agency in a way that would be insightful. The invitation letter to media for coverage of an event is significant for this reason.


Tips For Writing an Invitation Letter to Media for Coverage of an Event

Sending a great invitation letter to the media for the coverage of your event might be the determinant factor for whether or not they turn up – here are a few tips that should set you right on your way;

  • Send Advisory Ahead Of Time

Send the invitation at least one or two weeks before the event so there will be time for a reply to the letter and meeting  for more precise planning before the date.

  • Include The Necessary Details

This would include the duration of the event and the location of the event is very important in planning

  • Follow Up Calls

Ensure that subsequent to delivering your invitation letter to Media coverage of an event; make reminder calls to necessary personnel, especially when the date for the event draws near.


 Sample of an Invitation Letter To Media For Coverage Of An Event              

[Organization’s Logo or Personal Address]

Wow Media Solutions

2765 RedBud Avenue


3rd June 2017

  Our organization is well affiliated with your giant strides in the field of media coverage and is quite impressed with the impact you have made so far. It is for this reason that we invite you to cover the 21st lecture on the effects of global warming to the African communities by professor by O.E. David on the 3rd of June 2017.The event is scheduled hold at the Ebitimi  Banigo Banquet hall from 2pm till  4pm.

Our event seeks to capture the milestone lecture of the lecture on global warming from an African perspective, create public awareness and involvement and celebrate with  professor O.E. David on a great personal achievement

   We require complete coverage of the event from camera men, and also want to be in your channel and on a segment in your news broadcast. It is our hope that the coverage would also be used in the print media.

  We hope to receive your media personnel In a lunch one hour prior to the event. In this light, we are expecting your reply as soon as possible in order to make plans for the forthcoming event.

Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response.

Best regards,

Adolf Rufus

Publcity Manager,

Society For Youth Advancement




Phone Interview Confirmation Email

A Phone Interview confirmation email is necessary in two case scenarios;

  • When an interviewer needs to confirm an interview after a verbal agreement with prospective job candidates
  • When an interviewee needs to serve a reminder to the hiring manager, ask logistical questions or confirm the details of the interview.

Regardless of the circumstance, interview confirmation emails demonstrate to both parties that the meeting is some level of importance, and help to straighten out the rough edges of an earlier arrangement. Ultimately, it portrays the professionalism of both parties.

Phone interview confirmation emails are especially important because every detail could be instrumental in determining the success of the meeting. Here are a few tips to set you in the right direction;

When to Send a Phone Interview Confirmation Email

In good practice, you should send the email soon after receiving or giving the notice. Alternately, you may also send the email to confirm the arrangements for the Interview as the date approaches.

For interviewers, it is an excellent way to set the time and date of the interview or to confirm the candidate’s availability.

However, for candidates – there is no need to send an email if the hiring manager has already indicated his/her intention to send one to you. Except, to acknowledge its receipt, details or to inquire about it if you don’t receive it after a significant amount of time.

How to Send a Phone Interview Confirmation Email

The tone of a Phone Interview Confirmation Email must always be professional. However, it shouldn’t contain any unnecessary details, and the language must be simple and straightforward.

The emails should include the following;

  • Formal greetings (as appropriate)
  • Confirmation of the scheduling details
  • Alternative arrangments if there is a scheduling conflict (if necessary)
  • Request for a reply to confirm that the other party is available for scheduled time/date (or has received the email)
  • Closing salutations
  • Your name and phone number

Sample Phone Interview Confirmation Email

Using these Phone Interview Confirmation Email sample; you may customize it to suit your personal or company culture.

Letter Confirming The Availability of the Candidate For The Phone Interview




Dear Ms. Jane

I am glad to inform you that your application to fill the position of the Marketing Manager at XYZ has been processed and considered.

We would, however, like to schedule a 30-minute phone interview to discuss your qualification, prospects and the possible benefits accompanying the Job.

Should you be hired, you will be resuming official duties as the Marketing Manager, XYZ industries immediately.

Does this interest you?

Kindly let me know, and I will set up a date and time that suits your schedule.


Hiring Manager

John Doe.


Email Accepting Phone Interview Invitation



Dear Mr. John,

Thank you for your phone interview invitation relating to your vacancy at XYZ firms. I appreciate the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to discussing with you at a time that most suits you.

Kindly provide me with further information  relating to  the interview dates and time, and I will schedule it appropriately

Best Regards,

Jane Manuel,

Email Confirming Details of The Phone Interview Invitation

Email subject line: Confirmation for Phone interview with Jane Manuel for the Position  of The Marketing Manager XYZ Industries

Dear Jane Manuel

I would like to confirm the details of your Phone interview for the Marketing Manager position. Below are the details of this call:

When: Thursday; May 2nd  at 11 a.m – Duration: 30 minutes

Where: Phone Interview – I  will call you at 555-123-1234

Who: John Doe

Please let me know if the phone number listed above is incorrect. Also,  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or at 1-444-555-2222

I look forward to talking with you and discussing this job opportunity at XYZ  Industries

All the best

John Doe



In the long run, the email should solidify all the arrangements earlier made; and provide sufficient details for a hitch-free interview.

Goodluck out there! 

You may also choose to send an interview decline email if you discover that you are unable to attend the interview.


Letter to Accept an Invitation

Invitations are special for a variety of reasons. For one, they are a reflection of the sender’s perception of the invitee. Invitations betray subtle hints that one person is important to the frame work of an event, function or appointment. And while most people may insist on tagging certain events as ‘invite-only’, which event isn’t? Who really wants to attend a function to which they have not been invited?

So, invitations are great – but what do you do when you receive an invitation?

There are a number of responses that you may have to an invitation – and quite frankly, it is good discretion that allows you decide what events to attend and which not to – but regardless of whether your response is positive or negative, it is only common courtesy to respond.

In the event that you agree to the invitation or a request, it is necessary to show your decision with enthusiasm. One of the best ways to do this is to simply create and send a letter that states that you accept. The act of replying says great things about your character.

The best part about a letter to accept an invitation is perhaps the fact that it is much easier than the decision to say ‘yes’.

Invites to Which You May Reply With a Letter to Accept an Invitation

  • Dinner invitations, lunch outings, hospitality and informal meetings
  • Admissions requests: educational institutes/clubs/organizations
  • Employment offers/Interviews
  • Speaking engagements, workshops, formal gatherings
  • Wedding ceremonies and parties
  • Privy memberships and franchising opportunities
  • Requests for donations and invitations to non-profit functions.

Components of a Letter to Accept an Invitation

  • Appreciation for the invitation

It wouldn’t hurt to state this at the beginning of a letter to accept an invitation. It would reassure the sender that the invitation is no imposition on your schedule, and that you value the opportunity to attend a function, and their efforts towards putting it together.

  • The Thoughts that inspired You to Agree to the Invitation

The thoughts that inspired you to agree to the invite or proposal should also be expressed in the letter. It is important to include this to, as a pleasure for the inviting party to read.

  • Details of the Event and Duties You May Agree to Carry Out

To customize the letter even further you may include details of the event as well as the amount of contribution you agree to and what duties you might be assisting with upon approval.

  • Any Needs That Might Ease Your Attendance

Whether you need address and directions to the venue, special need for disable or a receipt for charitable donations to use as a tax deduction – it should be mentioned in your reply which accepts the invite.

  • Indication of How Much it is Your Pleasure To Attend

Express with transparency how much of a pleasure it is for you to attend, or to be promoted and/or finding growth from the situation.

Sample Letter to Accept an Invitation

Depending on the scenario, the tone of a letter to accept an invitation varies. In some instances some senders may even include a request for an RSVP to let the sender know whether or not you will attend and an alternative route for regrets only; i.e. if you would not be attending.

Below are a few sample templates to serve as a guideline for any of such kind of letters – they are each crafted to suit various situations;

  • Sample Letter to Accept Invitation to Formal Event



John Doe

(Office Held)

XYZ Company

(Company Address)



Dear Mr. John Doe,


I have received your invitation to witness the inauguration of your new business held in (Company Address). I am very pleased to confirm that I will be attending the foresaid event.

It is my honor to be invited by you and will always be grateful for this wonderful gesture.

I assure you that you will always have my support and if there is anything I can do to assist you further, to give this new business a kick-start, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will make sure that there are no stones left unturned to make this business successful.

 Thanks again for this honorable invitation.


Adams G. Adams.

  • Sample Letter to Accept Invitation to Social Event

While it may not be appropriate to use certain words for formal letters, this is not the case for informal instances such as these.

Adams G. Adams


City, State Zip


Dear Mr Adams,

I have received your kind invitation to attend the dinner at (address), on (date). I have to state that I am quite ecstatic and honored to have received this.

I am looking forward to receiving further information towards these plans.


John Doe

(Contact Information)


  • Sample Letter to Accepting Invitation to Speak

This would be particularly great to accept formal invitations to various functions;




John Doe

(Office Held)

XYZ Company

(Company Address)



Dear Mr. John Doe,


I have received your invitation to act as guest lecturer at your investments seminar and for the remainder of the conference. I am grateful for the opportunity and I’m sure to make sure yours is an enjoyable time for everyone.

I will require an overhead projector and a projector screen. I will provide you with informational packets when I have chosen the appropriate level of material for my audience analysis.

I am honored by your request, and will do my best to help ensure the conference is a success.

Yours truly,

Adams G. Adams.


  • Sample Letter to Accept to Serve in a Honorary Position




John Doe

(Office Held)

XYZ Company

(Company Address)



Dear Mr. John Doe,


I am both surprised and excited that your organization selected me to serve as an honorary chairperson and to grant permission to your organization to use my name for promotional purposes.

I have had an interest in your cause and I am eager to lend my support and I promise to participate on a nominal level only.

I also hope you will meet with every success in your praiseworthy endeavors. Our community stands to benefit a great deal as you accomplish each objective.

Thank you once again for your honorable consideration.


Adams G. Adams.

Ultimately however, and for whatever purpose a letter to accept an invitation helps to solidify your stand and make a lasting impression on the sender.