Graduation Invitation Letter

What is a Graduation Invitation Letter?

A graduation invitation letter is a formal document used to request the presence of another Graduation Invitation Letterperson at your graduation ceremony. Many Universities have graduation invitation cards printed that can be given to guests. This is usually the case when there are a limited number of guests permitted per graduating student.

Even when the number of guests are limited, it is sometimes necessary to send a cover letter along with the official invitation from the university. The letter gives more details to your guest and shows them how much their attendance means to you.

The Graduation invitation letter may also serve as the only invitation that you guest will receive if the university does not provide any. In general, a graduation invitation letter should be a mix between formal and informal. It should convey the seriousness of a graduation ceremony and the personal touch from the writer. It should also contain all the details such as Date, Venue and time.

Before you write your invitation letter!

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Sample Graduation Invitation Letter

Here is a graduation letter written by a graduate to invite a mentor to his ceremony.

James N. Rolaga
123 Maddison Road
Queens , NY 77775

23 June, 2017

Jack  Slessor
4335 Massaba Crescent
Kansa City, KC 88882

Dear Mr Slessor,

I am so happy to invite you to my graduation ceremony which will take place on the 23rd of August 2018  at Queen Hall, University of {Name your University}. Please join me as I celebrate this major milestone in my life journey.

I have been awarded a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I would like to take this opportunity to add that I you have played a major role in my success today. You constant support and advice and your example as a leader helped me a great deal.

Therefore it would mean a a lot to me if you could grace the occasion with your presence as I believe that for me, the graduation ceremony would not be complete without your being there to witness it.

The details of ceremony are as follows:-

Venue: Queens Hall, University of {Name of University}

Date: 23rd August 2017

Time: 3:30 pm

The Graduation ceremony would be followed by a graduation party at 7:30 pm at Bistro Restaurant. My parents and I would be honoured if you could be a part of that as well. I have enclosed the official invitation card along with the itinerary of events.

Thanks once again.

Yours sincerely,


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