Writing Invitation Letters does not have to take so long!

This is my way of contributing to the internet. I have had to write a few invitation letters lately and It was quite a challenge to compose some of the invitations. I decided that I will keep copies of my invitation letters online for me to reuse and for others to get inspiration.

I know that no one can write a letter for you that will be perfect unless they know you very well. What I expect is that I will use these letters for myself and others will use them with some modification or the other. Feel free to use them and spread the news. Hopefully after a few years, this site will be the ‘Go To’ site for everything Invitation Letters.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had requests from friends to write invitation letters. Due to my busy schedule I have not been able to write as much. I have written a few invitation letters and I am sure I will continue to add more letters as I am able to get to them. I really appreciate the comments from those who have found this site useful.

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