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How To Inform Your Boss About The Death of A Family Member

Even though it is a reality we would rather not discuss; everything has an expiry date – and human life is no exception to this universal rule.

At some point in your life, you will have to deal with the loss of a loved one. The implication of which would always be the painful process of trying to stay afloat in their absence while grieving; most of which will be impossible in a structured work environment.

So what do you do instead?

Talking to Your Boss About The Death Of a Family Member

The truth remains that, if it weren’t for the boundaries existent in the workplace; this shouldn’t be a hard task to accomplish. But admitting your vulnerability to people you would other wise not interact with might prove daunting, so going in – be rest-assured that most people already know that dealing with loss is tough; no further explanation is required.

If you have been informed about a death in your family, the last thing on your mind would be the articulation of going through due process to inform your office manager. To save you time, and torment, only contact your immediate supervisor or human resources department and give them as much detail of the information as you are comfortable sharing (at that point)

For instance, a simple phone call that says “I have recently lost my family member, and their funeral is next week, I’ll be back in the office in two weeks” might suffice.

Or, in an email you might decide to include a few additional details “”There was a death in my family. I’m  thoroughly devastated. My sincerest apologies but I have to concentrate on funeral arrangements. Thank you for your understanding with letting our family grieve in privacy. I will return to work on soonest.”

Ultimately, nobody will hound you to provide information that you aren’t comfortable with sharing. If you are okay with your supervisor sharing the details with your co-workers you don’t mind having people from your office attend the ceremony or visitation, it is no bother. However,   You shouldn’t feel as if you need to personally send an email to your co-workers to break the news.

Request Formally For A Bereavement Leave

While it seems like an unnecessary gesture, considering that you have verbally informed the management about your situation,  a formal bereavement leave letter will serve as documentation if misunderstanding about your absence ensues.

And if you are conversant with official proceedings, you probably already know that ‘handshake’ and ‘word-of-mouth’ deals are dangerous; not to mention, legally useless when the need arises to use them in your defense.

You can request for a bereavement leave via hard-copy letter or Email. Regardless of the means used, the letter should contain the following details;

  • Information about the deceased, and their relationship with you.
  • The date of the persons passing
  • Funeral arrangement details (and perhaps an invitation to management if it is immediate family)
  • The date for the leave to proceed, and your resumption to official duties.
  • Contact details (if your employers need to contact you in your time away)


Finally, how to inform your boss about the death of a family member might be critical, but it certainly shouldn’t be your biggest worry when you’re trying to grieve. So focus on your self, and when you are ready to return to the world and all its concerns, it will certainly be waiting for you.



Bereavement Leave Letter

If you ever experienced loss, then grief would be an all too familiar subject to you. Between the outpouring of sympathy from good wishes and the extravagant attention you are bound to receive; you will be flanked on either side with gestures that should make the process of losing something and someone easier but still doesn’t. Grief is a living being of sorts, with a mind of its own and more often than we like to admit to ourselves,  we are at its mercy.

Nothing prepares you for it.  But it is okay because part of the grieving process demands a little time and attention for healing your mind and perhaps your body.

Nobody wishes to,  but sometimes a bereavement Leave Letter becomes necessary. And while it might seem a tad negligible, the leave of absence given the bereaved might be the singular thing that holds them together in the aftermath of a tragedy.

Why You Should Write a Bereavement Leave Letter

When you hear the news of the death of a loved one, it is normal to suddenly feel like the world is grinding to a screeching halt, and nothing else matters.

The reality, in fact, is that life goes on, with or without you and your loved one. And when you finally get around to feeling better, the last thing you want to realize is that you abandoned your means of livelihood without warning.

Granted, grief might leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to perform, but you can be rest-assured, that a bereavement leave letter will give adequate notification to your employers about your predicament and provide you sufficient time to recover.

What is the law about bereavement leave?

How To Write a Bereavement Leave Letter

To write a proper bereavement leave letter, a little ground work has to be covered before putting pen to paper. As important as it is, not all employers offer bereavement leave to their employees; and a few others might but under specific terms and conditions.

So, a good way to begin would be to inform your supervisor about why you need time off. Often, they will be in the best position to provide you with the necessary guidance you need to write a bereavement letter that would be considered in the light of your companies policies.

  • Components of a Bereavement Leave Letter

When speaking to your supervisor, you are likely to be informed that your bereavement leave letter should contain the following;

  • Information about the deceased, and their relationship with you.
  • The date of the persons passing
  • Funeral arrangement details (and perhaps an invitation to management if it is immediate family)
  • The date for the leave to proceed, and your resumption.
  • Contact details (if your employers need to contact you in your time away)


Sample Bereavement Leave Letter

Marthinus Jacob C.
General Supervisor,
The Peoples National Insurance Bank
300 Broadway Lane
Main Parkland, CA 90000

16th February 2022 

Steven P Mathais
General Manager
The Peoples National Insurance Bank
300 Broadway Lane
Main Parkland, CA 90000


Dear sir,

This letter is a formal request to embark on a bereavement leave following the passing of my mother yesterday, 15th February 2022. Before her death, she lived with my family in the last 12 years of her life. And you can imagine that it has brought a thoroughly incredible impact on our household.

Following my mother’s request, she will be laid to rest in Seattle, with my father. It is in this regard that I am requesting this bereavement leave between tomorrow, the 17th of February to 25th of February 2022. This will provide me with sufficient time to bury and grief my mother; before returning to work to dispense my regular duties.

I will do my best, and by the end of the day should have completed the necessary tasks to close my current project. In my absence however, I would be glad to answer any questions and provide guidance where required. Nonetheless, my assistant is quite capable of handling any issues that may arise.

I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation to the management so far, for your kind support in this matter.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


Marthinus Jacob C.

Bereavement Leave – Video

Leave Application Letter For My Marriage

So, you’re finally taking the plunge? And you have probably also realized that it isn’t all fun and games, at least – not like the commercial market makes it sound. Certainly, if your marriage is in the pipeworks you are constantly plagued with questions and worries ranging from “when am I supposed to meet this vendor?” to “I hope I remember  to put a down payment on that item”. But the most frequently considered is usually “how do I draft a leave application letter for my marriage?”

“Why do I need a Leave Application Letter for My Marriage?”

Ask anyone who is honest enough to admit it, and they’ll tell you that a wedding comes with a mixture of excitement and hitches in the road. Notwithstanding, when all the “brand new couple ” buzz wears off, you are left with a not-so-new reality. Sure, you’re now in a couple, but pretty much everything else is business as usual. Including your job; in fact, especially your job – because you are now, in part, responsible for someone else.

So if you’re thinking “nah…I probably don’t need a leave application letter for my marriage” you might what to rethink that line of thought.

“How Do I Write a Full Proof Leave Application Letter for my Marriage?”

As fun as the road to married life sounds,  it can also cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and worry.To significantly reduce the anxiety leading up to that special day one has to plan, and on time, so it is vital to take some time off work to prepare for your marriage.

Never mind the hype, a marriage leave is the single most popular reason for most people who take time off from work. So you are not the only one to be burdened with writing that Leave application letter for my marriage that you have probably been thinking about for a while.

But even though companies don’t turn down marriage leave applications, a sense of timing is essential here, that is taking into cognisance that you are bound to deal with stress related symptoms in the build up to your marriage.

“I need Tips To Write a Leave Application Letter for my Marriage!”

Thanks for asking. Here are a few tips that will gurantee a positive response;

  • Invite Your Bosses

What better way is there to rope management into giving you time off for your wedding than sending a wedding invitation to your supervisor?

If you are planning a big wedding, invite the management to your marriage. This would improve your rapport with the management and increase your popularity around the office.

  • Include the Nessesary Details

It should include all vital information -First and foremost it is vital to inform about your wedding date, venue, the time you want to begin the leave to the concerned person and invite him for the same
One has to do lot of arrangements for the wedding and for this purpose they need to be present at home .letters should be sent long before the date of the wedding the letter should include date, time of the wedding and venue

  • Be Concise. No Small Talk

It should be simple and straight to the point: No needs for unnecessary small talk just go straight to the point discussing the important details

  • Be Polite

Your approach should be humble and polite it would help if you can try to convey your anticipation about the upcoming event and how important it is to you

Also purpose who to hand over your duties to you are gone – you can recommend someone as a replacement to do your work but it better to finish all your current task. Then, you can tell your supervisor so he can give you all your work to someone else

You Are Probably Thinking … “What I Really Need Is A Sample Leave Application Letter For My Marriage” Well, Here You Go…

Daniel levy
Baseline group plc

317 Ryan Road,

Bristol, South Dakota
Date 11th January 2012

Matthew Walsh
Senior manager

Baseline group plc

317 Ryan Road,

Bristol, South Dakota
Dear Sir,

This letter is to bring to your attention that my marriage was on the 2nd of February 2012. I am very much excited about the ceremony and would like to thank the company for its support. So, I am writing this letter to officially inform you that I would like to take leave on the 20th of January to the 14th of February 2012 to make arrangements for my forthcoming wedding. This would enable me to be available to make nessesary arrangements for my wedding.

I have submitted all my reports to my team leader, and there is no work left from my end. I hope you will take my request into consideration and grant me leaves for the dates mentioned above.
Attached accordingly is an invitation to you and to our staff members who will be my special guests on the day of my wedding and I shall surely look forward to seeing all of you.
Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response

Yours sincerely,


Daniel levy.

Bereavement Leave

Losing someone dear is hard enough as it is. There is no argument whatsoever. The truth remains, nonetheless, that while a bereavement leave seems like the next course of action for an organization to take for a bereaved employee; like every other employee entitlement that strips employers of a few conveniences, a bereavement leave isn’t as easy to access as it should be.

Navigating through the murky waters of grief is hassle enough; thus, this is a short guide that will equip you with all that you need to know where obtaining a bereavement leave is concerned.

What Is A Bereavement Leave?

A bereavement leave (alternately called compassionate leave); is a leave of absence that is given to  an employee who has recently experienced a loss and requires time to grief.

It is important for the singular reason that when a person suffers the loss of a loved one; they might find it hard to balance the demands of their professional and personal life. This is likely to lead to underperformance at work and debilitating mental and physical health. The leave provides the employee with the opportunity to grieve and also take care of matters relating to their bereavement – including funeral arrangements etc.

Who Is Entitled To A Bereavement Leave?

 The standard prerequisite for obtaining a bereavement leave is to be bereaved. However, they are a few clauses that might affect an employee’s entitlement; they are typical of a few organizations and include;

  • The nature of the relationship between the deceased and the bereaved employee:

immediate family losses might entitle an employee to a leave of absence, but in most organizations, extended family relatives do not count. The loss of second-generation family members will not pass for a valid reason to request a bereavement leave.

  • Length of time the employee has worked before the request:

Many organizations demand that the employee should have worked for at least 30 days before requesting for any kind of leave of absence. There may be a few exceptions in this case.

bereavement leave - funeral photi

Photo by sridgway

Are There Differing Company Policies On Taking A Bereavement Leave?

 Most organizations have a bereavement leave policy specially designed to suit the demands of their body. A lot of the policies must fall in line with the federal/ state provisions, but they differ slightly along the following lines;

  • The Amount Of Time Off :

Typically, the average length of a bereavement leave is three days. However, this could be more or less depending on the companies policy. The time off may be determined by the employee’s relationship with the deceased, or the fine place of their role in the office, which may only tolerate minimal error. Ultimately, the management decides how much time the employee is eligible to take based on their particular situation.

  • For Whom Employees May Use The Leave:

As earlier mentioned,  most organizations will only consider the application if the loss is direct and personal to the employee, and an employees eligibility would be determined by whether or not it is his/her immediate family.

  • Eligibility To Seek The Leave:

Some company policies that insist that an employee must have served for a specific length of time before requesting the leave. For some organizations, the employee must have worked for at least 90 days before management will consider theit application

  • Proof Of Eligibility And Notification Before Leave:

A few other things affect eligibility; in some cases, the employee has to produce evidence of the death of the family member. This may be in the form of an obituary or death certificate.

Other organizations also insist on having sufficient information before embarking on the leave; anything otherwise will translate to a termination of the employee’s appointment.

  • Payment/Non-Payment During The Leave:

While some companies pay during the length of the leave, some others don’t. Take note that while the leave may be a constitutional right, it is left to the employer to determine whether or not they want to pay during an employees time away and how of their entitlements they are eligible to receive.

What Are The Federal/State Provisions For Bereavement Leave?

  • Federal Law

While the Fair Labour Standards act (FLSA) does not require any employer to offer their employees a bereavement leave; the Family and Medical leave act  (FMLA) requires some employers to grant employees leaves. These may span up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year for specific health and family reasons. However, the leave provided by the FMLA, but employees might be able to use FMLA leave during times of loss.

If an employer chooses to offer leave to employees; there is no obligation to pay them for the time off according to the FLSA. Thus, the employers are free to set their own workplace rules when it comes to bereavement leave

  • State Law

Most states in the US do not have bereavement leave laws. There are a few exceptions to the fact none the less. Some states allow employees to take up to two weeks of job-protected leave when a family member passes away.  Employees in these states can use the leave to make funeral arrangements, attend the funeral, or to grieve the family member’s death

For more information about your states bereavement leave policy, you should reference your state’s family leave act.

Will I Be Paid While On A Bereavement Leave?

 As previously established, payment while on leave is determined by company policies. However, they may also be influenced by state laws which protect the employees for a particular length of time. After the expiry of that period, the employee will be left entirely at the mercy of their employer or their company policy.

What If I Need Additional Time For My Bereavement Leave?

 Simply request for extra time off from your employer. This certainly doesn’t guarantee anything, it is left to the discretion of the employer to either grant the request or deny it.

To increase your chances, however, you may consider explaining to the employer why it is important for you to get some more time to grief.

If My Employer Says No To My Request To Take A Bereavement Leave…

 In specific situations, it may be up to the employer to either grant or deny an employee the request for a bereavement leave.

If the employee feels it is an infringement on his/her right, they may take their grievances up with a rights activist or request the advice of a lawyer. In any case, if the employer refuses to grant the request, the reason is likely to be in the company policy, in which case the employee may not stand much of a fighting chance.

How Do I Resume After A Bereavement Leave?

You cannot expect everything to return to normal after taking some time away to grieve. Chances are that your colleagues will welcome you with a throng of condolences and a few pity-parties. Whatever the case, make it easy on yourself by blending back into a routine. It only gets better.


Leave Letter To Attend The Wedding Of A Sibling

For most people, the concept of having a friend that sticks closer than a brother is completely alien. While an equally fortunate group of people may have the luxury of developing relationships that are as significant to their development as their family members – the truth still remains that family is everything. So, the need for a leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling explains itself.

And what is common with having family who you love and care about?

When the need arises, you drop everything and rush to their side. This is hardly an option, loving your siblings often takes sacrifices which are, even more often, non-negotiable.

A leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling demonstrates the practical ways that having family may interfere with your work schedule and daily life. Thankfully, most (if not all) organizations, have numerous provisions for which letters such as the leave letter to attend the wedding of a sibling would be considered and approved.

What is a Leave Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling?

A leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling can be considered a subset of a leave of absence. Generally, leave of absence provide employees with  the opportunity to take a formal leave from work for various reasons, they could range from personal reasons – relating to your personal health or family or they could simply be a request to take time off for a more concerted purpose – such as a professional exam or related concerns.

In the case of a leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling however, the leave of absence is considered requested for personal reasons.

What Should a Leave of Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling Contain?

Resist the urge to plunge right into the letter writing process without giving any prior notice to your company management or supervisor.

By law, you may be entitled to a few days off work, but company policies differ with circumstance. Talking to a management personnel or your supervisor will provide you with insight to what is obtainable for your specific circumstance and how best to request the leave so as to ensure that you get the best possible response.

After a verbal notification, you may follow up your meeting with a written letter where you can request the leave stating the purpose and terms of the leave. Subsequently, the letter may be delivered by mail, post or by hand.

The following are components of an appropriate leave of letter to attend a wedding of a sibling –

The Reason for Writing:

While it seems like an obvious and self explanatory component, it is best not to leave anything to assumptions. For clarity’s sake, state your reason for needing the leave of absence, and if possible throw in a few personal bits about how important your sibling is to you (don’t overkill).

What You Are Willing To Do To Ease Your Absence:

Your absence will be greeted with a shortage of hands around the office. It would be thoughtful to include details of what you might do prior to leaving for your siblings wedding. Anything from tidying up your most immediate jobs to taking care of future concerns will score major points with your supervisor or management.

Your Date Of Departure And Resumption:

Include the details of your anticipated leave. The date you wish to embark on the leave, the number of days for which you will be absent and the date of your resumption; it is important that details you specify are confirmed and accurate.

An Offer Of Your Assistance During Your Time Away:

To further help with the tasks that might be piling on while you are on leave, you may choose to throw in your contact details – especially if you are getting a temporal replacement that may need your help.

A Note Of Thanks For The Consideration:

‘Thank you’s’ are always a great way to end any letter. They depict that you are courteous.  And also that you are grateful for the time spent going over the details of your letter.

Sample Formal Leave Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling


Michael T. Sellers

Incredible Universe Corp.
4485 Eva Pearl Street
Rougon, Louisiana, 70773

Edwin J Chasteen
Head of Department, Personnel Relations
Incredible Universe Corp.
4485 Eva Pearl Street
Rougon, Louisiana, 70773


Dear Mr. Edwin

This letter is my formal request leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling, as a to follow up on our earlier discussion. I would like to ask for a leave of absence from April 13th  through April 20th, 2018, to attend my sister, Martha Sellers wedding scheduled to hold on the 17th of April as the details described in the invitation letter attached to this letter.

By company policy, I am not to leave any projects or tasks midway. Thus, I have tied up loose ends on my current project, and I’m willing to avail myself should the need arise in my time away.

Kindly let me know if I can provide further information or if you have any questions – my sister and I come from a  tremendously close knit family unit, and she would be grateful if my request is considered. As would I.

After the leave, I would be resuming official duties on the 20th of April 2018,

Thank you for your time, and in anticipation of your favorable response.



Michael T. Sellers

Sample Formal Leave Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling 2 ( Email Format)

Subject: Leave of Absence – Michael T. Sellers

Dear Sir,

As we discussed yesterday, I would like to request a formal leave of absence from my job to attend the wedding of my sibling. I plan to be away from April 15, 2018 – April 20th , 2018, returning to work on  April 21st, 2018.

If approved, I would be glad to help with a plan to cover my workload in my absence. I would also be available to answer questions and provide assistance while I am away.

Kindly let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you very much in anticipation of your favorable response.

Best Regards,

Micheal T. Sellers

Computer analyst, Tech Support Department.


Paternity Leave Letter – How to write yours

It might not seem like a very traditional holiday, but Paternity leaves’ are a thing – and they are here to stay. This is the purpose of a paternity leave letter.

Like a Maternity leave, a Paternity leave provides parents a period of paid absence from work shortly before and after the birth of their child. Paternity leave is leave taken by parents or soon to be fathers in other to be there physically during the birth of their child and also emotionally for their wives sometimes it can be taken during an adoption process. It’s importance – for fathers cannot be over emphasized as it not only shows responsibility but helps the man plan for the new addition to his family.

Most companies offer paternity leave as an incentive to employee’s because it helps fathers plan and prevents a drop in their productivity brought about by the stress associated with the period of child birth or adoption. However, it is still paramount to notify the necessary authorities of your intention because the Paternity leave aids a company adjusts for the temporary absence of a staff

Tips on Writing a Paternity Leave Letter

Apply on time

Most companies will not turn down paternity leave applications, but timing can be the difference between a positive and negative response. Using on time will help management make plans for your absence especially if you are a critical staff as no company would want to affect their productivity.

Finish the jobs on your desk (or at least give assurances that you can)

You are more likely to get you leave if you can complete all the work on your desk or give the management idea that you can finish before your Leave date arrives

Find out the companies policies on paternity leave:

Check out the handbook on company policies so you can make your application by the book. And guide you in the process of writing your application letter.

Give reasons for your leave :

Make sure to give concrete reasons you need the Leave within the parternity leave letter to be there for your wife, to plan for the coming of the child, to relax  from the emotional stress and also you will want to come back more productive

Give the duration of requested time off:

In your paternity leave letter, ensure not to leave out desired time for the Leave, and the length as this is very vital information


Paternity Leave Letter Sample 1

Calvin E. Cooper,

General Clerk,

PriceRite Warehouse Club

1484 Neville Street

Columbus, Indiana

9th August 2017

 James Chase

Assistant Manager

PriceRite Warehouse Club

1484 Neville Street

Columbus, Indiana

Dear Mr James

 I am delighted to announce the arrival of my son on 7th August 2017 I would like to request that the company for its support during this stressful period.

My letter is to humbly request for a paternity leave as from 9th August to 29th August 2017 as stated in the company hand book. To be with my wife and help her recover also it is important for me to take care of my son providing and planning for the future of my family.

I can assure you cleared all the present work on my table in preparation for my leave.I would be at home and can be contacted by mobile in case of emergencies. I promise to come back stronger and more focused.

I look forward to your favorable reply.



Calvin Cooper.


Paternity Leave Letter Sample 2


John Doe

Web developer,

PriceRite Warehouse Club

1484 Neville Street

Columbus, Indiana

9th August 2017



James Chase

Assistant Manager

PriceRite Warehouse Club

1484 Neville Street

Columbus, Indiana

Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs

My name is John Doe, and I work for the company as a web developer. My supervisor is James Hardy.

I wish to request for parental leave for 30 days starting from 2nd of February to the 2nd of March two days before the delivery due date .my wife will deliver our newborn on or about 4th of February. I would like to be there with my wife for the birth of the child.  We have no immediate help as my parents are too old to travel.

  I have sought the approval of my supervisor and worked to ensure all existing projects I’m involved in is completed before my leave starts

  I’m looking forward to a positive reply from you as soon as possible.


John Doe

Web Developer

PriceRite Warehouse Club


Sample Leave Letter for Personal Reasons

There are a variety of reasons why you would consider writing a leave letter. In some instances, you would be at ease to indicate these reasons while requesting for permission to go on said leave. Other times, divulging every intricate detail may not be an option – perhaps for the sensitivity of the reason, or for the fact that it might attract undue attention; ultimately, it is your decision how much information you are willing to share.

Writing a leave letter for personal reasons may be very tricky. While you may choose to only share a limited amount of information regarding why you are requesting for the leave, you may be required to at least state the reason on a surface level alone. Otherwise, expect the request to be given bottom priority – not because you aren’t entitled to a leave but because the management must ensure that peculiar situations such as these do not encourage subsequent inordinate requests from your colleagues.

What to Include In a Leave Letter for Personal Reasons

  • Prior to writing the letter, bring yourself up to speed with your rights according to the provisions of the organizations policy and determine whether it is suitable for you to make the request.
  • Begin by stating how much time you are requesting and when you would like to begin the leave, as well as resume office activity.
  • You may include a basic explanation of why you are taking the leave – such as, stating them as ‘for health reasons’ or ‘to attend to family matters’, as long as including these details do not make you uncomfortable or violate your right to privacy.
  • If possible, include an offer of your services or assistance while you are away; or, in the very least, your contact information to enable the management access you when necessary.
  • Include a note of thanks to your employer for considering the request.

How to Send a Leave Letter for Personal Reasons

Very often you may be required to have a face to face conversation with your supervisor regarding the leave of absence. Again, you may not give them every detail of the situation but be prepared to answer a few questions with regard to the situation

The meeting may be followed up with written document which would state the terms of the leave. You may send the letter via email, or deliver by hand.


Sending a Hard Copy Letter

Below is a sample of a leave letter for personal reasons which could easily be altered to suit any specific need; hopefully, this could provide a template for what you need –



Your Name,

                                                                                                                            Street Address,

City, State & Zip Code,


Superior’s Name

Office Title (Position)

Organization’s Name

Organization’s Address


Dear Sir/Ma

I would like to request a X month/week/day leave of absence for personal reasons. I understand my position and relevance to the organization – thus, I wouldn’t be making this request if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

If approved, I would like the leave to commence from (date) with my scheduled resumption date on the (date). During this time, I would gladly offer any services that I am liberty to and I would answer any questions via email or phone when possible.

Thank you in anticipation of your favorable consideration.


Your Signature

Your Name

Phone Number


Sending an Email

In the event that the letter is to be sent by email, you do not need to include your personal details at the top of the letter, it should also include a subject line and include your contact information below.






Subject: Medical Leave of Absence Request

Dear Manager’s Name,

Dear (Managers name),

I would like to request a X month/week/day leave of absence for personal reasons. I understand my position and relevance to the organization – thus, I wouldn’t be making this request if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

If approved, I would like the leave to commence from (date) with my scheduled resumption date on the (date). During this time, I would gladly offer any services that I am liberty to and I would answer any questions via email or phone when possible.

Thank you in anticipation of your favorable consideration.


Your Signature

Your Name

Your Department or Office Position


Other Tips to Consider

  • Provide your employer with as much advance notice as possible as it will make it easier for your employer to make arrangements for a reassignment of tasks.
  • Plan your finances prior to filing your request. This will guarantee your ability to pay your bills for the duration of the leave without the normal cash flow your job provides
  • Plan your next steps subsequent to submitting your request. Especially considering what steps to take if your request is denied (which is highly unlikely in this instance).

In the midst of dealing with life’s various demands, attending to the demands of work and caring for oneself may be too much to handle. Often, working class individuals who believe the stress or environment at their work is becoming too much to juggle, especially with certain with other tasks or circumstances, may need to take some time off to that effect – the time off allows them to focus their energy and effort on the task at hand so that they will be able to better participate and provide better output while attending to work responsibilities and its other demands on return.

Whatever the problem, perhaps a leave is indeed all you need.

Vacation Request Email

Contrary to popular belief, vacations are not a luxury but a necessity for a mental and physical balance. It is easy to abandon the memories of the great summer holidays as a kid and be thrown into the constant hassle of trying constantly to meet up with responsibilities as an adult – and Americans are generally terrible at considering anything otherwise, because it also translates to financial and physical planning that most people aren’t quite up for.

Sometimes, not taking a vacation does more harm than good; and it is only a matter of time until you burn out from stress.

If you are thinking about taking a vacation however, good for you! – here are a few tips to get those vacation days approved so that you can be out and lounging away peacefully in no distant time.

What is a Vacation Request Email?

A vacation request is a written appeal from an employee to his/her employer or company management for time of work for personal reasons or for relaxation.

A vacation request email demonstrates employee professionalism and includes vital information relevant to the request. The tone of the email is also expected to be formal and courteous as it would determine whether the request for the time off work would be responded to positively; the email also serves to document when the request was made and what dates the request will include.

Components of the Vacation Request Email

A vacation leave is also known as an annual leave, most companies have policies that give their workers a specified number of days of work every year for vacation. In many cases, you would have already discussed the vacation request with your employer – but even so, a formal email is necessary – and a reference to the verbal request in the email if desired;

The email should contain the following details;

  • The Purpose of the Email:

It is often advised that the email should be opened with the reason why you are writing in the first place – it is important to note that the recipient of the email is preoccupied with a number of other activities and not getting right to the point might further agitate them.

The purpose for writing should be stated clearly and concisely after all salutations have been done.

  • The Reason For The Request:

While it is sufficient to state that a vacation leave is part of your entitlements for a specific number of days per year, it helps to state why it is important for the leave to be taken at that exact time of the request. This would help your employer make his/her decision about approving or rejecting it. A good place to begin could be with stating the physical and psychological impact rest would have on you, and how it may also help to boost productivity.

  • The Dates Spanning the Period of The Requested Leave:

State the exact dates that you plan to be away – it is important not to be vague about the amount of time that you need to be away and being specific about dates will help your employer and colleagues plan ahead about how they will handle your work in your absence. Therefore, if at all possible, try to be as specific as you can in your letter about the dates that you plan to spend away from work.

  • A Proposed Way To Handle Your Work In Your Absence:

The email should also state that you are aware of your responsibilities and that you fully understand that before you leave, they may like to discuss how your work would be taken care of in your absence. Include in your letter, details about how you think your work will be taken care of (e.g. by leaving detailed notes for your team members on current projects that will be due during your absence and leaving contact information so that team members can reach you in an emergency)



A Few Additional Tips That Would Make Your Boss Say Yes To a Vacation Request  Email–


  • Work out your manager’s perspective first to set the stage for a positive conversation It is likely that your vacation request is one piece of a larger puzzle that has to fit together – consider all that they might be dealing with in that time before making the request, taking their perspective into account helps to plan a request that is easier to grant.


  • Ask your manager well in advance – this isn’t to say that the timing of the request might be precisely accurate, but it would resonate with your boss that you are trying to be accommodating and thoughtful.


  • Speak pro-actively about how your usual responsibilities will be handled in your absence and if it works for the people with whom you might be going on said vacation, consider an alternative plan, which you could present to the management while requesting the leave, so that they would decide what works best for them.


  • If you work where people don’t take their vacations, requesting one may raise an eyebrow but If it’s part of your compensation and you want to take it, be ready to speak positively about it and research throughly on the company’s policy on it before making requests.


Sample Vacation Request Email

Here are some sample vacation request emails that could serve as a template for your request, you may choose to attach additional documentation to aid its approval –





Subject: Medical Leave of Absence Request

Dear Manager’s Name,

Dear (Managers name),

I am writing to inform you of my intention to commence my annual leave, for a 10 day long vacation that would run from November 24 2020 to December 1 2020.  My family and I would like to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our extended family back east and we need to start making arrangements now in order to make the trip as comfortable as well.

In anticipation of my vacation, I have already started to put together all of the necessary templates I will need to fill in for my current project. I have also discussed my vacation with my colleagues and have several people who are more than willing to attend to my usually assigned tasks while I am gone.  However, I am willing to take the time to take on any other additional tasks before I leave, if nessesary.

Your response to this issue would be greatly appreciated so that I can begin to make the necessary arrangements.

Thanks in anticipation of your favourable response


John Doe



Sample Vacation Request Letter

You may be required to write a formal letter for the purpose of documentation – here is a sample that you could use as a template – the letter should be sent by certified mail so as to provide evidence of the time and date that the letter was sent and received.


               Employee’s Name
Employee’s Address
City, State, Zip Code



Supervisor or HR person’s Name
Company’s Name
Company’s Address
City, State, Zip Code


Request for Annual Vacation Leave


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am wrting to formally request to commence my annual leave, which I am hoping would span from (date – date). My family and I are planning a vacation for the first time in five years, and we are thoroughly looking forward to it.

All the projects that I am working on currently will be duly completed before the leaving date. I have asked other members of my team to make sure that all of my responsibilities are covered while I’m away, and they have agreed. My team leader has agreed with my vacation request. I have enclosed a letter from her.


Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know if my vacation request has been approved at your earliest convenience.

Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response.

Employee’s Signature


Medical leave of absence letter

What is a Medical leave of absence Letter?

A medical leave of absence letter is a written document that informs your employer that you require some time off for medical issues that cannot otherwise be addressed while juggling work demands. Like all other letters to employers, the letter is formal and concise and includes the reason for the medical leave.

According to the FMLA earlier mentioned, medical leave of absence may also be requested for individuals are not medically challenged but are responsible for a family member that is; thus – the medical leaves of absence may be used for any of the following reasons:

  • To address a serious health condition that impairs them from performing the essentials of their job.
  • To attend to the serious health condition of a child, parent, or spouse. (A serious health condition in this case shall mean a disabling physical or mental illness, injury, or impairment which requires In-patient care in a hospital, nursing home, or hospice, Constant in-home care or continuing treatment by a health care provider.
  • To address maternal/paternal concerns associated with the birth of a child or the placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care.
  • A medical leave of absence may also be taken in association with a death in the immediate family. “Immediate family” shall mean spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, or persons bearing the same relationship to the spouse. The term shall also include brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, and sisters-in-law.

Why Medical Leave of Absence Letter?

It is often said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

There is very little to dispute this.

Neither life, nor any of its spontaneously occurring situations seems to play according to the rules; and somehow, more often than we like to – we are broken out of comfortable routine to satisfy the demands of her shenanigans.

When life happens, you find that you often have to drop everything and attend to it; even work takes a halt – and it is only polite that you inform all those whom your absence will affect that you would need some time away in the form of requesting for a leave of absence (except in the case where you have no intention of returning). The leave of absence, may be for a variety of reasons; the birth or adoption of a child, relief from excessive job stress, to the pursuit of a hobby, or a desire to travel and/or most tragically, death or family/ personal  health problems.

Thankfully, a federal act that was passed in 1993 to attend to matters such as this, and it applies to the entire United States of America – the act – FMLA (which stands for ‘Family and Medical Leave Act’) provides that an ‘eligible’ employee is entitled to a minimum of 12 weeks of unpaid leave due to serious illness of self or a family member.


What Is The Difference Between A Medical Leave Of Absence And Sick Leave?

The major difference between a Sick Leave and a medical leave of absence is that a Sick Leave may be taken by an individual when required and could be for any illness at all. The medical leave of absence on the other hand only applies in the case of serious illnesses like cancer, etc. ( It would not be applicable if a day off is required to recover from a cold or flu).

Very often, employers have their own regulations that govern the terms of sick leaves provided by them to the employees – however, the regulations that governs medical leave of absence is the FMLA which guarantees the terms on which the medical leave of absence is issued.


Components of A Medical Leave Of Absence Letter

There are various components that make up any formal letter. The leave of absence letter is not exempted from these components –

  • Dates (For Everything)

The medical leave of absence letter must contain the dates within which you are requesting to be allowed off work – this would require that you confirm the date and length of time so that the information provided would be accurate. It is also good practice to mention the date that you hope to begin the leave and the date that you would resume work; this would make your employer’s task of reassigning your duties easier.


  • Details Of The Medical Condition –

While some might consider this negligible, it might be important to include these details if the leave of absence is to be approved. It would also help in garnering support in the duration spanning the medical treatment or procedure – it is hard enough to deal with a medical challenge, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help.


  • A Way That Your Duties Would Be Performed in Your Absence –

The truth is you will be missed. If not for anything else, you will be missed for providing the services for which you were hired in the first place. It would rub off well on your employer if you thoroughly consider an alternative means by which these tasks could be performed in your absence, an assistant or a temp. Staff may just fit the bill. If these do not apply, it may be a good idea to suggest that you finish the most recent tasks assigned you before leaving.


  • Proof Of The Medical Condition

This requirement particularly helps to curb fraudulent activities of some employees.

You will be required to provide evidence of the medical condition that warrants the need for the leave of absence, this could be in form of a doctor’s report – which should be duly signed and stamped, and may also include X-rays, scans and test results that reflect the severity of the medical condition.

Tips an Applicant Should Consider –

  • It is important to research your companies policies on medical leave of absence because a few terms may vary with different organizations – this should be done prior to scheduling a discussion with your employer; and see if your situation is addressed under the companies policy.

It does not hurt to also know a few details about your rights as are provided by the 1993 FMLA act. You must know them and demand them.


  • Word spreads fast in an office environment, so in order to make sure your boss doesn’t feel slighted, it is best to talk to him/her first before discussing it with anyone else. It is also important to start the process with your most immediate supervisor – it would be impolite and embarrassing somewhat, if they have to hear about it from a senior colleague, and may jeopardize your chances of getting the leave approved.


  • Also, provide your employer with as much advance notice as possible as it will make it easier for your employer to make arrangements for a reassignment of tasks.


  • Planning your finances prior to filing your request will assure you the ability to pay your bills for the duration of the leave without the normal cash flow your job provides – if you have doubts, you may consider either of the following;


  • If the medical condition allows it – consider applying for a partial leave. A part time proposal may be more feasible to your employer and also help you maintain a much more stable cash flow (even though you have entitlements as provided by the FMLA act)
  • If you are caring for a family member, you may consider requesting a temporary work from home arrangement rather than a full leave might be appropriate for your situation. Or, perhaps you work from home for four days out of the week, and come in one day for a weekly check-in or you come in for meetings.


  • Plan your next steps prior to submitting your request. If your request is denied (which is highly unlikely in this instance) will you need to leave your job permanently?


Sample Formal Medical Leave Of Absence Letter

Below is a sample of a medical leave of absence letter which can be easily altered to suit any specific need; hopefully, this would provide a template for what you require –


 Jane Doe,

Administrative Assistant – A.B.C Incorporated

 123, Alphabet Lane

  New OldLands, LA, 56789

  September 1, 2020

John  Royce

Administrative Manager – A.B.C Incorporated

123, Alphabet Lane

 New OldLands, LA, 56789


Dear Mr. Royce


I am writing to request for three weeks of medical leave to have minor surgery done on my lower back. I will have my procedure on September 15, 2020 and I intend  to the office on October 6, 2020. The successful completion of this procedure will relieve pain that has inhibited my movements for several years. Enclosed you will find all of the necessary doctor and human resources paperwork required for this sort of a leave.

I am already in the process of completing all of my projects that will due prior to my leave and I am working closely with colleagues to make sure that my responsibilities are covered during my absence without any inconvenience to you.

This procedure will allow me to focus better on my work and become much more productive over the course of a day.

I have attached a few documents as evidentiary proof to my claims, kindly let me know if you require additional information.

Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response.

 Sincerely Yours,

Jane Doe

Administrative Assistant

A.B.C Incorporated




A formal email may suffice in some instances, here is a sample of an email requesting the medical leave of absence –



Subject: Medical Leave of Absence Request

Dear Manager’s Name,

This email is accompanying my medical leave of absence application to inform you that I am requesting sick leave for three weeks ( from DATE to DATE) I will resume work on (DATE) I have injured my back in an automobile accident and have been requested by my doctor to take a three-week treatment. Attached is a copy of her instructions.

I understand the need to find a substitute administrative assistant, and I have gone over, and put in order necessary documents that would aid to carry out their duties with ease.

Kindly let me know if you require any additional information.

Thank you for your kind consideration of my request.



List of Attachments



School Leave Letter – Samples and Tips

What is a School Leave Letter?

A school leave letter is a formal document written and presented to a school management by a parent or student, excusing said student from school until a certain date – this is done to ensure that the student does not fall behind or get unfairly suspended for his/her absence as well as to maintain goodwill between the student and the school authority on the basis of good communication.

The leave may be requested for a varying number of reasons including sickness, family emergency, or some other important situation.

There are different types of leave letters, and the school leave letter is just one of them.

Components of a School Leave Letter –

A school leave letter should be a typical business letter style with your letterhead or just your address, the recipient’s address and the date be sure to include the following details;

  • Be Transparent about your reasons – give a summary of the situation including why the student must be absent from school.

school leave letter written on a background of college studentsEven if the reasons for requesting the school leave is personal, it is important to be as honest and transparent as possible; this would help win the empathy of recipient and aid the re-acclimatization of the student after resumption.

  • Remember to clearly state the date the student will be absent from school as well as the date he or she can be expected to return.

It helps for clarity sake to out rightly state the dates within which the student would be absent from the school and also include what he/she would be doing in the period spanning the duration indicated.

  • Details of how you can catch up with classes missed

The most drastic implication of missing school is falling behind on the curriculum. Thus, suggest a means by which you may keep up with the tasks, and if this impossible, reassure the recipient that you would be able to catch up on your return.

 Sample Formal Letter

The sample of the school leave letter below may serve to guide you in writing one of yours, and is from a parent for his son whose mother, for medical reasons can neither take care of him nor send him off to school He gives a summary of the situation in a professional manner and gives the dates of his son’s expected absence, assuring that every effort will be made to catch up on his homework and assignments when possible

Mr. John Doe
694 Bluebird Lane
Columbus, OH 43266
April 1, 2020

Ms. Jane Peters
Principal, ABC Elementary School
366 Red Rock Road
Columbus, OH 43266

Dear Ms. Peters,

I am writing request that permission be granted my son, Jason Doe (class), from school, effective immediately until next Monday, April 8, 2020. This is due to an emergency in the family involving my wife’s hospitalization for cancer. Her surgery is already underway and, barring any complications, we expect her to spend the rest of the week recovering from the procedure and undergoing follow-up testing.

With Jason and I spending all of our time at the hospital with her, there is currently nobody else to take care of him and see him off to school until we get some external arrives to help us next week.
We have already contacted his teacher to arrange to pick up his homework and assignments for him to complete at home and will be making every effort to ensure that he does not fall behind in his classes due to this absence and we appreciate your assistance in this matter.
We thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

John Doe

Sample Email

In some instances, you may be required to write an email, either as an accompanying copy or as the exclusive means of making such requests; here is a sample that sites a different example to serve as a template –


Subject: School Leave Request

Dear Manager’s Name,

I am writing this letter in order to make a request to kindly grant my daughter ABC, a student of class IX ‘A’, a leave of 5 days i.e. from 20th March, 14 to 25th March, 2020, since she needs to travel out of town, on account of her sister’s wedding.

She is the bride’s maid, and this being her sister’s wedding which is a once in a lifetime affair, this is very crucial and she wouldn’t be able to miss it.

 I assure you that she would catch up with her studies and assignments once she resumes school from 26th March, 2020.

Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response.