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Company Party Invitation Letter

Company Party photo - Company Party Invitation LetterWriting a company party invitation letter is not really difficult. All you have to do is to write down only the important details needed to inform the recipients properly. You can more detailed information on how to write an invitation letter in other articles on this site.

Content of a typical Company Party Invitation Letter

Here are the things you should take note of:

  • Exact location of the party
  • Exact date, time, and duration of the party
  • Reason for the event
  • What to expect
  • What to wear
  • What to do
  • Who to ask questions
  • Call to action

Before you write your invitation letter!

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Below is a sample of company party invitation letter. Please note that the details used in the sample are non-existent, and are only intended as sample details. You can replace them with the actual details. Here it is:

Invitation letter

John Doe
Sales Officer
XYZ Corporation
#12, Manhattan Street
New York City


Dear John,
We would like to invite you to attend our company party which will be held at EFG Hotel on March 28, 2017. The party will start at 9:00 am, and will end at 4:00 pm. This event will include several games and group dynamics. Alongside, there will be some stage shows and performances. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be served accordingly. Because of this, we encourage you to come at 8:00 am at the hotel lobby.

This event is organized as a team building activity in order to foster camaraderie among employees of XYZ Corporation. Moreover, this party is another way to reward all of you for the great job you have done recently. The company aims to unite its people in order to work for a common goal, and this is just part of a bigger plan to achieve such goal.

However, the party is limited only for employees in the mean time. In the future, we can organize a separate party in which the members of your family may also be invited. But so far, the company would like to start from its people. We hope you understand.

Since the party is a company event, we request you to come in formal attire. Nevertheless, you can determine the specific style you prefer as long as you dress formally.

For further questions and confirmation, you may contact Ellen Smith at 0033-3393939392. You can also email her to for more inquiries. Please confirm your attendance on or before March 15, 2017.

We would appreciate your presence in the party. We are excited to see you in the venue.

Thank you.


Christine Brown
HR Manager
XYZ Corporation



The above sample letter doesn’t have to be copied exactly. You can write in your own words and in your own style. The key is to be specific

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Family Reunion invitation letter

A family reunion invitation letter is a document used to request the presence of your family members at a event that brings members of the family together. It could be a printed document or an electronic document.

A family reunion is a very unique event because the aim of the event is to bring as many members of the family together as possible. There are simple family reunions that involve only the immediate family and their family and there are reunions that involve family members of various generations and connections.

Regardless of the scope of your family reunion, these members of the family must be invited. You could choose to pick up a phone and call them or write a family reunion invitation letter. You could also use social media platforms such as FaceBook or Instagram to invite them.

Content of a Family Reunion Invitation Letter.

Your invitation letter must contain the following:

  • The name of the person (and their immediate family) that you want to invite
  • The reason for the meeting
  • The nature of the family reunion (would it be just a weekend get away at a location, a party in a hall for just one evening)
  • Date, time and duration of the reunion
  • Will there be a family meeting to decide on issues?
  • If there will be a family meeting – what will be discussed?
  • Who is calling the meeting

Before you write your invitation letter!

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Sample family Reunion Invitation Letter

John J Jacobs
234 somersert street,
Queens, NY 22222

Julia and James Monroe
345 Makinson street,
New Orleans, Mary Land.
MD 45666.

Dear Julia and Family,

Invitation to our Family Reunion Weekend and Dinner

During the just concluded wedding of Jack and his beautiful wife Maggie, some members of the family became more aware of the need to have a formal family reunion for the entire Jacob’s family. Dad is now 88 years old and mum is 85 years old. It would be great to have a get together this year where we all can bring our spouses and children. It will help to build a stronger and loving bond between us. This is especially important for the children. Some of them have never met each other in person.

As the eldest son of the family and because I have this friend who is willing to lend me his ranch for a weekend this summer, I am inviting you all to a family reunion on July 12 – 15 20XX. The ranch can accommodate 15 families and there are some good motels nearby. The main dinner will be on Saturday July 12th at 5 pm. If you are unable to take the weekend off, then do your best to be at the dinner on Saturday. The dinner will hold at the ranch. We have a great caterer who will take care of the dinner that night.

I look forward to having all of us together in one place.

With lots of love,

John and Jane Jacobs.


Other variations for Family Reunion Invitation Letter

You may want to have a family reunion that involves the sisters and brothers of your spouses too. This kind of family reunion will be a bigger party and is usually just one night. The cost for organising such a reunion can be quite high. As a result of the higher costs for these kinds of reunions, there is usually a committee of members in charge of planning the reunion. In that case the invitation to the event will be written by this committee. The content of the letter will be similar but the letter will come from John, chairman of the Jacob’s family reunion planning committee.

Reunions that are combined with other events.

Family Reunions can also be organized around other events such as the birthday party of one of the parents or a memorial of the passing of one of the parents. If this is the case, the reunion will be a combined event and it would be stated in the invitation letter.

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