Leave Letter To Attend The Wedding Of A Sibling

For most people, the concept of having a friend that sticks closer than a brother is completely alien. While an equally fortunate group of people may have the luxury of developing relationships that are as significant to their development as their family members – the truth still remains that family is everything. So, the need for a leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling explains itself.

And what is common with having family who you love and care about?

When the need arises, you drop everything and rush to their side. This is hardly an option, loving your siblings often takes sacrifices which are, even more often, non-negotiable.

A leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling demonstrates the practical ways that having family may interfere with your work schedule and daily life. Thankfully, most (if not all) organizations, have numerous provisions for which letters such as the leave letter to attend the wedding of a sibling would be considered and approved.

What is a Leave Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling?

A leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling can be considered a subset of a leave of absence. Generally, leave of absence provide employees with  the opportunity to take a formal leave from work for various reasons, they could range from personal reasons – relating to your personal health or family or they could simply be a request to take time off for a more concerted purpose – such as a professional exam or related concerns.

In the case of a leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling however, the leave of absence is considered requested for personal reasons.

What Should a Leave of Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling Contain?

Resist the urge to plunge right into the letter writing process without giving any prior notice to your company management or supervisor.

By law, you may be entitled to a few days off work, but company policies differ with circumstance. Talking to a management personnel or your supervisor will provide you with insight to what is obtainable for your specific circumstance and how best to request the leave so as to ensure that you get the best possible response.

After a verbal notification, you may follow up your meeting with a written letter where you can request the leave stating the purpose and terms of the leave. Subsequently, the letter may be delivered by mail, post or by hand.

The following are components of an appropriate leave of letter to attend a wedding of a sibling –

The Reason for Writing:

While it seems like an obvious and self explanatory component, it is best not to leave anything to assumptions. For clarity’s sake, state your reason for needing the leave of absence, and if possible throw in a few personal bits about how important your sibling is to you (don’t overkill).

What You Are Willing To Do To Ease Your Absence:

Your absence will be greeted with a shortage of hands around the office. It would be thoughtful to include details of what you might do prior to leaving for your siblings wedding. Anything from tidying up your most immediate jobs to taking care of future concerns will score major points with your supervisor or management.

Your Date Of Departure And Resumption:

Include the details of your anticipated leave. The date you wish to embark on the leave, the number of days for which you will be absent and the date of your resumption; it is important that details you specify are confirmed and accurate.

An Offer Of Your Assistance During Your Time Away:

To further help with the tasks that might be piling on while you are on leave, you may choose to throw in your contact details – especially if you are getting a temporal replacement that may need your help.

A Note Of Thanks For The Consideration:

‘Thank you’s’ are always a great way to end any letter. They depict that you are courteous.  And also that you are grateful for the time spent going over the details of your letter.

Sample Formal Leave Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling


Michael T. Sellers

Incredible Universe Corp.
4485 Eva Pearl Street
Rougon, Louisiana, 70773

Edwin J Chasteen
Head of Department, Personnel Relations
Incredible Universe Corp.
4485 Eva Pearl Street
Rougon, Louisiana, 70773


Dear Mr. Edwin

This letter is my formal request leave letter to attend a wedding of a sibling, as a to follow up on our earlier discussion. I would like to ask for a leave of absence from April 13th  through April 20th, 2018, to attend my sister, Martha Sellers wedding scheduled to hold on the 17th of April as the details described in the invitation letter attached to this letter.

By company policy, I am not to leave any projects or tasks midway. Thus, I have tied up loose ends on my current project, and I’m willing to avail myself should the need arise in my time away.

Kindly let me know if I can provide further information or if you have any questions – my sister and I come from a  tremendously close knit family unit, and she would be grateful if my request is considered. As would I.

After the leave, I would be resuming official duties on the 20th of April 2018,

Thank you for your time, and in anticipation of your favorable response.



Michael T. Sellers

Sample Formal Leave Letter to Attend a Wedding of a Sibling 2 ( Email Format)

Subject: Leave of Absence – Michael T. Sellers

Dear Sir,

As we discussed yesterday, I would like to request a formal leave of absence from my job to attend the wedding of my sibling. I plan to be away from April 15, 2018 – April 20th , 2018, returning to work on  April 21st, 2018.

If approved, I would be glad to help with a plan to cover my workload in my absence. I would also be available to answer questions and provide assistance while I am away.

Kindly let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you very much in anticipation of your favorable response.

Best Regards,

Micheal T. Sellers

Computer analyst, Tech Support Department.


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