Housewarming Invitation Letter with Samples


A new home is great excuse to have all your friends and family over, and a great way to meet your new neighbors. While making plans for your housewarming party, you’ll want to send out housewarming invitations, either physically or electronically, to invite guests to check out your new dwelling and save you the trouble of having to celebrate alone. However, writing a housewarming invitation letter can be very confusing, especially if you have no idea of what your letter should look like. This is why you need to learn to write one that reflects the purpose of the party and speaks to your guest personally, instead of hiring someone to do the job for you.

Depending on your persona and standard of living, you can either choose to make your party formal or informal and your style of invite has to reflect this choice. Before you begin writing any invitations, take a few minutes to plan out how memorable and what message you want your party to carry. Whatever style you choose must include the following details:

  • Date and Time
  • Venue and Address
  • RSVP Requests
  • Maps and Directions
  • Name of hosts
  • Special requests such as food or drinks contributions etc.

Before you write your invitation letter!

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Tips on writing a Housewarming Invitation Letter

To help make your invitations warm and inviting, the following tips should be strictly adhered to.

  • Your message must be personal. Everyone loves to feel appreciated so it is your duty to let them know how much you’d appreciate their presence. You could also add that they can bring a plus one or family members along if necessary.
  • Let your message be warm and inviting. Invite the person in a polite way for the function.
  • Keep the tone of the letter happy and informal. For a formal party, be sure to write in a manner that is formal and inviting as well.
  • Write the name, place and date of the event without any mistakes. Be sure to include map and directions to your new place. You do not want to have people getting lost on your account.
  • Be sure to check the letter for unnecessary repetition, grammatical errors and spelling errors.
  • Emphasize on the person to surely attend the function. Add a personal note of thanks to lighten the mood.
  • Make sure your housewarming invitation letter reflects the style of soiree you’re throwing.


With recent shift in trends, we will be giving you several housewarming invitation ideas. You could choose one best suited to you and work it to your taste. Here are a few samples to help you get started.

Informal Housewarming Invitation Sample

Housewarming Invitation letter Sample -email

Dear Uncle Sam,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.  We all are doing great here. I am writing to inform you that I have recently moved into a new home located at 223E. Concord Street, Orlando, FL 3280, and have kept a house warming party for the same on the 30th April, 2017. Your presence and that of your family, will be a delight to us.

The party will begin at sharp 10 am and there will be lunch thereafter. Do join us for the party along with your family and grace this occasion at our humble new home. We all will be awaiting your presence at the party. Till then, take care and do give my regards to all there.

Thank You.

Yours loving,


Name and Signature


Formal Invitation Sample

Housewarming Invitation letter Sample


Thomas Nolan
223 E. Concord Street,
Orlando, FL 3280.

24th April, 2017.



Mr. & Mrs. Delagard
123 6th St.,
Melbourne, FL 32904.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Delagard,


I, Thomas Nolan am writing this letter to Mr. & Mrs. Delagard to invite you and your family personally for my house warming party. The party is scheduled on the 30th April, 2017 and will begin at 3:00pm. The party will be taking place at our new home which is located at 223E. Concord Street, Orlando, FL 3280.

Please, take this letter as my personal invitation to you and your family. I am extremely sorry for not inviting you personally as I had been busy with the paper work of my new house. Do come for the function and bless us for our bright future.

Yours Faithfully,

Thomas Nolan.


(Signature of the person)


Sample Housewarming Invitation Email

Housewarming Invitation letter Sample

Subject: Housewarming Invitation Letter,

Dear (Mr. and Mrs. Name of Recipient),

It is a great honor for us to take this opportunity to invite you on April 30th, 2017 as we are preparing our house warming party. The address of our new home is at 223E. Concord Street, Orlando, FL 3280, as this is where the party will take place. We are preparing this event for close family friends, relatives and loved ones.

We will be glad to see you on the coming event. Attached herewith is the invitation letter containing all the details including the address. You don’t have to worry for the service because we are arranging the transportation for all the guests so that there will be no problems. Allow me to thank you in advance as you are one of the inspirations and this will not be possible without the blessings of our elders.

Best regards,


(Name of Sender)

Another short sample format for writing house warming invitations is stated below;

Housewarming Invitation letter Sample -email

Mr. and Mrs. J. Vin Smith

cordially invite you to cocktails and dinner to celebrate the completion of our new home
on Saturday, the 5th April, 2017 at 12:00 Noon

Venue: Country Club Estates, 17 Country Club Drive Percyville, Virginia.
Your presence is highly priced!

Please, be there.

Whatever writing style you choose to adopt, just be sure that your housewarming invitation letter reflects the style of soiree you’re throwing. By the way, Happy housewarming. Enjoy your new house!!!




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