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Digital communication is both easy and inexpensive. From simple, uncomplicated text messaging to the somewhat intricate frills accompanied with the use of social media, there are an increasing number of ways being adopted to connect with people. These are ways that require a lot less hassle and thankfully, money. There are a couple of websites that provide very nice email invitation templates for you to use.

E-invites (Email Invites) have taken the world of ‘invitation technology’ by storm somewhat. They are both eco-friendly and affordable; so what’s to lose?

E-invites are no doubt, slowly rewriting the invitation etiquette. However snail mail is still most appropriate for the elaborate events, like wedding ceremonies and reception invitations. But for party invites like business dinner functions, engagement soiree, baby showers and rehearsal dinners email invitations will suffice. Email invitations are also great for small budget parties, short timeline. They are ideal in cases when you need your work load alleviated if you’re running short of time. They are also great for organizations with non-profit causes, for high online engagements with the audience actively participating on social media pages. And also for events with a younger target audience and/or online event registrations.

What are Email Invitation Templates?

However, it is not enough for e-invites to be a good idea – the question is, how can you get it done? Easy – Email invitation templates.

An Email Invitation template serves the following functions;

  • Brand Email Invitations to Serve Various Functions

Email Invitation templates allow you access to advanced editing tools. that makes it easy to match your brand to any of the event invitation templates provided. Each of the templates  have been designed suit varying purposes. You could add texts, customize and even send from the comfort of your mobile, to other mobiles, especially since the invites are mobile responsive.

  • Access Free Images to Improve Aesthetics of the Email Invitation

Email invitation templates are flexible enough to allow images to be uploaded. A few of the template service providers have a wide selection of fee and low-cost stock photos from which you could choose.

  • Instant Delivery of Your Email Invitations

Email invitation template service providers also provide instant delivery of the invites. This is aided by properly structured delivery systems quite similar to regular email service providers like Gmail or outlook. The providers also offer the options of tracking results such as number of opens, clicks and/or bounce rates.

  • Sell Out Your Event Effortlessly

Email invitation templates also allow you to provide invitees with all the compelling details of the event. This would state to the invitees the reasons why they should attend. This is particularly necessary for high-profile business functions to which dignitaries would be invited. Some service providers also allows subscriber to easily RSVP some invites within emails themselves. Thus, you will instantly know who is coming and who isn’t.

Electronic Invite Sites That Will Work for You

Thinking about going the E-invite route? Here are 5 online Invitation vendors that come highly recommended;


Evite is particularly popular among regular party planners. It provides an overall satisfying experience and also has both a vast selection of invitation styles, as well as a great invitee tracking tool which is informative. The template is also structured in such a way that it also offers a wealth of creative party ideas and planning check lists which save hosts both time and money.

Users however complain that its user interface makes it fairly complicated to send an invitation.

There is also concern for its ability to be bogged down by ads and additional emails trying to encourage additional involvement. This makes it begin to appear in junk mail folders, which is concerning since everyone should receive their invitations.

Its biggest advantage regardless, is that it is totally free.


Punchbowl comes highly recommended by moms who are impressed by their functionality. They have clean seamless invitation styles and take party-planning one step further by coordinating guests ability and connecting you vendors.

Users rave about its ‘save the date’ options that provide unique delivery to your inbox. Punchbowl pretty much offers what every other paperless “green” invitation host offers – only for Free! You may even choose to save into an excel spreadsheet and print for your seating charts.

It may appear ‘less classy’, but on a budget – this e-invite service provider is the way to go.

Paperless Post

Paperless posts lets you choose between paper or paperless invites. Best of all, they offer awesome designs thanks to collaborations with a number of celebrities.

The site also provides hassle-free electronic save the dates. Most of the invites are free if you don’t add any extras. It also is accompanied by a request address feature which makes it easy, for when you are about to leave.

Unfortunately however, users complain of the trend of poor customer service, especially given their price point and products.

Paperless post is worth making a tangible souvenir of the occasion. You can order as  a single keepsake to keep In the album or gather your nearest with paper invitations.


From the text to the colors, patterns and envelopes, every detail of the greenvelope invitations are customizable. This also includes the Envelope liner.

Most people might find the invitations a bit expensive, but it is a use fool tool for planning. One recommendation would be that we as creators of the invitation can manage all RSVPS, even ones that you can’t send by mail.

Its additional features include tracking, without the need for spread sheets. The sit has piecharts for RSVPs and meals. And the a great detail of the website is the messaging feature – an easy way to contact your guests and have conversations with them accordingly.


These e-invites are specially crafted from professional writers and designers, and every template is equipped with an additional ‘wow’ factor. For extra convenience, you may choose to include digital RSVPs to help track which guests will be In attendance.

Text Only Invite Emails to an Event

If you can’t quite afford the hassle and/or cost of an e- invitation or bother to use Email Invitation templates, an alternative would be to send text only invitation emails instead.

An invitation email is a written electronic request for the presence of a person, group of persons or organizations at an event. An invitation email is just like any letter, only – it is delivered by email.

Below is a sample text only invitation template that might serve as a guideline for prospective email invitations;


Subject: Invitation to The 10th Annual Procrastinators Anonymous Conference.

Dear Jane Doe,

We would like to invite you to attend the10th Annual Procrastinators Anonymous Conference. It is slated to hold from the 13th Jan 2023- 15th Jan 2023 at the Palm Wood Resort Center, Abuja – Nigeria.

Procrastinators Anonymous is a not for profit organization which was formed with the intention to help people out of their procrastination by providing them with vital information, inspiration and motivation, to get out and begin their lives.

Every year these conferences helps to keep us in the loop with regard to the struggles of the everyday procrastinators.

This year, our keynote speakers will provide sufficient means to break free of the norm, and as encouragement help business owners to be well known during the period spanning the conference.

Kindly let us have your response latest Jan 2nd 2017. We look forward to receiving a favorable response from you.


Matthew Ogedengbe


Procrastinators Anonymous



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