Invitation Letter to a Guest Musician – No honorarium

In this letter of invitation, a musician is invited to perform. It is customary to expect to cover the expenses of any guest speaker or musician you invite, however, there are time when a group cannot possibly afford to cover such cost and the guest speaker or performer may still be willing to honour the invitation.  If you have someone to invite, you can always explain you situation to them and who knows, your invited guest may feel passionate about your cause enough to foot his/her own bills.

Whatever the case, always remember to write formal letters on the organisation’s letter headed paper and sign at the end.

Sample Letter of Invitation

Student Union Government

University Of Abuja

Gwagwalada, Abuja


November 18 2014


Mr. Frank Edward


Loveworld Records

Area 3, Garki Abuja


Dear Frank Edward

We are having our “Annual Christmas Carol of Nine Lessons” in the New Law Theater of University of Abuja Main Campus December 9-11.  The theme of this year’s event is “Christ Is Come”. We are focusing on the birth of Christ and the lessons that came with his birth.

Would you be our guest artist? We are overwhelmed by the impact your music has made in the lives of everyone both young and old. Your performance will set the tone perfectly for our event. A 10 minute to 15 minute performance will be fine. We expect an attendance of over a thousand students.

Due to financial constraint, we will not be able to pay or cater for your expenses for performing at this event. We are hoping as a means of giving back to the society and mentoring  and motivating aspiring young singers and other students will be a sufficient incentive for you to be with us.

I look forward to a favorable reply, and just as soon as I receive it. I will send you complete details. Our meeting place is New Law Theater just east of the university gate.


Yours sincerely

Ade Abolarin

P.R.O (S.U.G)


Letter Inviting a Politician as a Guest Speaker

Here is a sample letter of invitation to a Politician to be a keynote or guest speaker and a conference. Some of the topics to cover are listed so that the speaker has a clear understanding of what is expected of him.

Please be reminded that this letter would be printed on the Organisations Letter Headed Paper, which contains multiple ways of contacting the writer of the letter.


June 5, 2014

Senator Kate Briggs
Senate committee on Defence
National Assembly

Regional Conference: Tackling Unemployment and Terrorism

Dear Sen. Briggs

We are pleased to invite you to the “Regional Conference: Tackling Unemployment and Terrorism.” Scheduled from 12-15 December 2014 at the International Conference Center Area 10 Abuja. This conference will be a joint effort of the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Labour.

The Minister of Defence Dr. Shamsudeen Usman will inaugurate the conference and the Minister of Labour Emeka Anyaoku is expected to address the Closing Ceremony.

  • The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:
  • Causes of Unemployment in Africa
  • Factors leading to Terrorism
  •  What Role should the Government and National Assembly Play
  •  What are the possible solutions to unemployment as it forms a common bond to Terrorism

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to participate as a speaker for this symposium on “Tackling Unemployment and Terrorism”. We believe that your contribution to this topic will be very beneficial.

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have and provide necessary clarifications where needed. Kindly send in your response by December 5th 2014 to the conference secretary, Ms. Grace Abu, at

Yours Faithfully

Dr. Francis Samuel
Public Relations Officer
Ministry Of Defence


Sample Email after Invitation Letter for Guest Speaker is Accepted

Once your invitation has been accepted by a guest speaker, it is important to respond with another letter or email, giving the speaker some more details and requesting some information from them. In some cases, this is the only invitation letter that would be necessary because you would have concluded the invitation verbally over the phone.

Please note that if the invitation has been accepted verbally over the phone, it is still a good idea to send a formal letter or email to the guest speaker or their secretary. The letter below is a sample that can be used either for a regular letter (place it on your letter head and add the address of the speaker) or via email – (add an email title).

This letter or email is also important because it gives the speaker a clear picture of how his day or evening would look like. You always want your speaker to know if you expect them to go with you to lunch or dinner before or after the event or if not at all. This way the speaker is not forced to stay when they had planned to leave earlier.






Dear Dr Marii,

Thank you for accepting our invitation to be the guest speaker for our meeting on September 22nd 2014 at the Four Points Hotel, 123 Kings Street, Kingston, Ontario.

We look forward to your presentation on the latest developments in the area of International Shipment Tracking.

We invite you to be our guest for Lunch at 1:00pm. The training seminar begins at 3:00pm, with an hour and a half allocated for your presentation. There will be a question and answer period after your presentation.

Kindly let us know what types of equipment you will need for your presentation. The seminar room is equipped with a computer and a multimedia projector should you require one. Should you prefer to use your own equipment, kindly let us know as well, so that we can ensure that we are well prepared.

I will contact you the first week in September to finalize the arrangements.
Once again, thank you for agreeing to speak to us.


Dr. Andre Pastel

Program Cordinator

[organisation name]

Invitation to the Fire Department to be present at a Community Event

Inviting the Fire Department, the Police, or any other government agency to your event is usually a good highlight to your event. Some of these agencies have a form on their websites that you can simply fill out and submit. However some do not have such forms. Should you need to write one of these letters, here is a sample invitation letter sent by a community organisation to the Fire Department to attend a community Barbecue and Family Day. Simply adapt this letter to suit your particular situation.

Sample Invitation  Letter to the Fire Department to be present at a Community Event

Name of your Community Association (if Any)
123 York St, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Email:  Tel:1-800-222-3333


The Fire Chief

Fire Department, Station -222,
123 Street Address,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

ABC is a community development center . There are a total 250 households in the Kingston north end most of which are members of ABC.  As part of its annual activities, ABC is planning to hold a Family Barbecue on Saturday, 25th January, 2014 at 11:00 am at the John McDonald Park. The main purpose of this Barbecue is to foster community spirit amongst the residents of the Community.
As part of the activities of the day, we would be honored to have the Community Fire Department with a Fire Engine at the event, so that the children can interact with the firemen and the fire engine. If possible, we would also appreciate a short speech about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire. We have scheduled this presentation for 1:00pm on that day.

We are expecting a total of about 200 – 400 people at the event.  Kindly let us know as soon as possible if you would be available to attend our event and any other questions you may have.



Sample letter to invite your wife or husband to Canada

When it comes to writing an invitation letter for your spouse to visit you in any country, you are not alone and your letter needs to be well written. It’s not that there are no provisions for such visits but that most people who will need this kind of letter are also not permanent residents at least in Canada. However each case is unique and there are literally thousands of international students who have to invite their wives or husbands to visit them during the summer months or for the duration of their programs. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, all you need to know is that a good invitation letter must contain all the necessary information as stated on the Canadian Immigration Website.


Here is a sample invitation letter to invite your wife to visit you for 1 month in Canada

I always suggest that the letter be addressed to your spouse. However you may address the letter to the Visa Officer as well.


John Davicito
Apt 333,
2000 Virginia Drive,
Kingston, Ontario,
Canada. K7K1R3

 Dear Mary,

Please consider this as a formal invitation for you to visit me in Kingston, Ontario this Summer. I am happy that your annual leave falls at such a good time because I can take time of my program to show you some sights around Canada. Please plan to come as agreed between August 2nd 2013 and September 4th 2013. The weather is perfect at this time so you will not be too cold.

You will be staying with me in my apartment during your stay and I will be responsible for transportation around the country while you are here.

Please include this letter as part of your visa application package. I cant wait to see you my darling.

Kisses and Hugs

Insert Signature here



Guest Information

Mary Jane Davicito
Date of Birth – 1 Jan 1980
Address – no 1 Ebinpejo lane, ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel – +234-803-234-7890
Relationship – Wife
Host Info

Name: John Davicito
Date of Birth: 2 Feb 1975
Address: Apt 333, 2000 Virginia Drive, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7K1R3
Tel: 1-613-111-1111
Occupation: Phd Student at Queens University
Status: Student Permit


You may need to customize this letter as it may apply to you! There is no need to elaborate and add unnecessary information. If all the relevant info is included all you need to add are documents to support your claims in the letter such as:

  • Copy of your student permit
  • Copy of your lease if possible
  • Copy of a utility bill if possible


Remember – The supporting document for your spouse are more important than the invitation  letter. It is important that you prepare as many documents as possible to support the fact that your wife or husband will return to their country at the end of the visit. In Canada, you are entitled to having your spouse with you for the duration of your program so it is possible that she gets a visa that covers the duration of your program as a student. For more help get the visa application and interview kit.

Sample invitation to Retirement Dinner Party

Retirement parties are usually organised by the person retiring, however in some cases the company may want to throw a party for them. Here is a sample email, that may help you to construct your invitation email. This letter can also be used as a regular letter, all you will need to add is the Company letter head. Many invitations today are also done via various electronic invitations such as


Dear John Smith,

Retirement Party for Mr Alexander Dowie

This is to inform you that Dr Alex Dowie our  Director of the IT Department is retiring on January 23, 2013.  Dr Dowie joined our company 20 years back when the company was in its initial years and was trying to make its place among the top ranked companies in the Mortgage Industry.  Ever since then, he has positively contributed towards the success of this company. We were never short of his advice when it was most needed and his leadership and faith in his fellow colleagues has always been exemplary.

In order to say a formal ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck for a relaxed retired life, a farewell dinner is organized by the company at Ramdas Hotel, 45 Johnson st, kingston, Ontario on 23 January, 2013.

You and your spouse are all invited to grace this occasion and express your best wishes to Dr Dowie in person. Kindly RSVP by responding to this email with the name of your guest by 15th of January.



Invitation Email Sample for any Event or Party

What is an Invitation Email?

An Invitation email is a written electronic request for the presence of a person, group of persons or organization at an event.  An invitation email is just like any invitation letter except that it is delivered to the invitee via email.

More and more people today are turning to emails as their preferred mode of formal written communication. They prefer emails because of the timely delivery and the fact that even the printed invitation letter can be scanned and forwarded via email.

Below are some sample Invitation Emails that will give you an idea of how to start your next invitation email. Should you decide to send individual mails to your invitees, then you can add some person touch to it. I don’t see a need for that though.

List of Sample Invitation Emails

Sample Business Meeting Invitation Email

Sample Business Meeting Invitation Email

SUBJECT: Business Meeting on Thursday Jan 23rd at 9:00am

Hello team members,

I would like to expresses by personal gratitude for working so well as a team and being able to achieve last year’s targets. I am sure there were valuable lessons learnt from few mistakes made, however we learn and improve through our mistakes.

This new year brings along new challenges and goals that cannot be achieved without contribution of everyone on this team.

In order to discuss this year’s work plan and to highlight each team member’s role, a meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, January 23, 2016 in the conference room at 9:00am. The team leads are requested to make a 15-20 minutes a presentation that covers last year’s achievements and next year’s plans. Any additional agenda regarding resource and funds allocation may also be included in the presentation.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email as usual.

Dave Thomson.

Sample Conference Invitation Email

Sample Conference Invitation Email

This Invitation email is addressed to a business owner inviting him to attend and participate in an annual conference. Usually this kind of invitation email will be customized and sent to a number of business owners in the community.


Dear David Salaska,

We would like to invite you to attend the 6th Annual Entrepreneurship Promotion Conference organised by The Entrepreneurship Promoters Inc. , which is slated to hold from 13th Jan 2016 – 15th Jan 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, Sydney Australia.

Entrepreneurship Promoters Inc. is a Not for Profit Organisation which has been providing vital information, inspiration and motivation to the citizens of Sydney to start and manage their own business. Every year we organize a conference where we invite entrepreneurs around the city to discuss some tips and tools that will promote or help their business.

This year our keynote speaker will be Mr John Marcus a 25 year old online entrepreneur who makes a profit of $40,000 every month. He will be speaking on the topic – Taking your business to the next level via online marketing.

During this year’s conference we would like to recognize you as one of the business owners that our budding entrepreneurs can interact with during the conference.

Kindly let us have your response by December 31st 2015 so that we can make further arrangements. We look forward to receiving a favorable consideration from you. We may also be contacted on phone at 111-111-3333.

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Yakov
Entrepreneurship Promoters Inc.

 Sample Invitation E-mail for Baby Shower

Sample Baby Shower Invitation Email

Inviting guests for a Baby Shower can either be formal or informal. If the shower is being planned for someone within an official context, you may want to have some formal invitation letters. In general however, a simple email may do the trick. The advantage of an email is that it is easier to coordinate the RSVPs.

There are many online electronic invitation cards or e-vites that can be used to invite your guests to a Baby Shower. I suggest that you use one of those. If however for some reason, you believe that your guests would prefer a personalized email then find a sample invitation email below.

Sunject: Surprise Baby Shower for Melissa & Luke Bowen

Dear Jane,

You are cordially invited to celebrate with our dear friends Melissa & Luke as they welcome there little bundle of joy into this world.

  •  Date: May 14th, 2011
  • Venue: Mike & Laurie’s Home, 7849 Mallory Lane, Pittsburg, NE. 22382
  • Time: 7pm

As you may already know, they are expecting a baby boy. Mellissa and Luke have registered at The Bay gift registry so you may choose to pick up a gift on their list. Simply( Click here – Please insert the link] and use the their last name Bowen to search.) If you choose not to for some reason, you may consider giving a cash gift or a gift card. Feel free to pick out other gifts for them as you wish.

This is a surprise for Melissa so I will ask that you do not mention it to her. The plan is to her her in by 7.45pm so please endeavor to come in latest 7.20pm. However please help forward this to Melissa’s friends that are not in this circle.

Our hosts have decided to provide some meal and all the materials needed for this party however it will still be pot luck. We ask that you bring some finger food with you. RSVP and confirm food you will bring latest next week Friday. You may reach me on my cell -517-435-4412 or by emails at

Thanks and have a nice week.



Sample Invitation Email to a Christmas Dinner at a Church

Christmas dinner Invitation Email

Inviting members of a church family via email does not really need to be formal. Sometimes a friendly email is all you need. For an invitation to dinner there are just a few components of the letter that are compulsory. You can always adapt the rest of the email to suit you need. For this letter to be formal, all you need to do is add the Formal Letter format and change the tone of the invitation.

Dear Joanna,

This Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will love to bring His love and hope to people around us by sharing the love of God with them. This means that there will be a service at Christ Hope Church at 11am on Christmas Morning, immediately after which dinner will be served.

Through this we hope to share fellowship and love with those that have no family members around and at the same time teach our little children the act of giving at Christmas. We will need your help as we organize reaching our neighborhood in order to invite them for this joyful event.

Together we can share the heart of God, give hope and feast with those that Jesus would love to feast with.

Yours sincerely

Sharon Smith

Sample Invitation Email for your child’s birthday party

Kid's Birthday Party Invitation Email

When preparing the invitations for my son’s birthday party last December, I realized that although a good number of our friends are on Facebook, there were still some that had to be invited via email.

There are still many parts of the world where a good portion of your social network may not be on Facebook. Here is a sample email that you can use as a formal invitation to your child’s birthday party!

Subject: Invitation to Marianne’s 5th Year Birthday Party

Dear Janet (or any other salutation that you have used earlier)

How are you and your little ones? It’s been quite some time, but nevertheless, a perfect occasion is approaching for us to catch up and celebrate. (Insert any other pleasantries).

Our daughter Marianne is turning 5 on 28th Aug, 2017 and we are organizing a birthday party at our place and  inviting some friends and family.  We would like to have you and your children at the party. Here at the details of the party!

  • Venue – Our home – 123 Johnson lane, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Time: 5:00pm – 7;30pm
  • Date: Sat Aug 28, 201X

Please note that there will be various party games and food for the kids and adults! We are really grateful for the blessing that Marianne has been to us and we would like to share the joy with you all.

Do convey to us your plans so that we can pick you guys from the station. Pass our regards to Joe and lots of love to your little angles.

Looking forward


Grand Opening Invitation Letter with samples

What is a Grand Opening Invitation Letter?

When inviting guests to a Grand Opening you are doing so for a few reasons. You want your Grand opening of restaurantcurrent customers to visit your business again, you want your neighbors to come into your business to see what you have, you want every one in the community to be aware of your business. There are various categories of grand opening invitation letters  that will be required for such an event. Each of this invitation letters must be well crafted to reflect your intentions as well as the benefit to those you are inviting. One set of letters will be needed for your friends and family and previous customers (if any) and another letter for your guests of honor if you have planned your Grand Opening with some special activities in mind.

Here is a sample grand opening invitation letter, inviting one of your friends, or neighbors (your general mailing list) to your Grand opening. Your opening paragraph may need some editing depending on your specific situation, otherwise this letter would make an excellent grand opening invitation letter.

Sample Grand Opening Invitation Letter for a Restaurant

Chop and Quench Restaurant
123 hungry lane, Kessington, Ny

Dear Sally Ann


We are happy to announce that our newly renovated restaurant is now ready for your dining pleasure. We are eager to treat you and your family to a unique and cost effective dining experience with our special African Menu and Service.
We are pleased to invite you to celebrate with us on August 13th 20XX at our location at 123 Hungry Road with a free dinner at 6:00pm. Please find a copy of our menu enclosed.

Kindly inform us of your attendance by July 31st either via phone (1-800-888-1234) or email at

We look forward to serving you.

Yours faithfully,
Mary Ann Gulah

This letter is addressed to either a friend or previous customer of the restaurant. The idea behind the letter is that you want these selected people (who have some influence in the community) to come and taste your product (in this case food and service) so that they can pass it on to their circle of influence. This letter may also be sent to other business owners around the community. As you already know, you may chose to use an invitation card in the place of an invitation letter, however letters still have a way of conveying more of a personal touch than a card.

When writing the invitation letter to a guest of honor who would either be presenting a speech at the event or just sitting at the high table, you may need to write another letter stating precisely what they would be doing at the ceremony or celebration and the time they would be doing it. Please view our Guest Speaker Invitation letter for ideas.

More Grand Opening Invitation Letters


Day care grand opening invitation

The President
Andola Copy Center
123 Masito Lane, Queens,
New York, USA. 1111111

Dear Sir,


Andola Copy Center is one of the major contributors to the community of Queens New New York, and we are happy to be doing business with you. I am delighted to inform you that ABC group has started another venture under the name “TINY TOT  Day Care Center” within the Queens community.

As you are aware that ABC group has always believed in serving its clients, customers, and other stakeholders with the best of services, the main focus of the daycare would be to provide the much need care and training for the little children in the community while their parents are busy with work. With our new facility we will be able to provide care to 100 new kids from 6 months to 5 years of age.

The opening of our day care center is scheduled for Thursday, January 23, 2016 at 11:00 am. The event will be attended by our close business friends, company members and few parents who have already enrolled their children in our first batch.

We would be extremely grateful if you can make it to the occasion and be a part of our celebration. Kindly inform us of your decision as soon as possible.
Your faithfully

Dave Manly

Vice President

More About Invitation Letters

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Church Invitation letter to a Worship Event

What is a church Invitation Letter?

What is a church invitation letterA church invitation letter is a document used to formally request the attendance of a person or a group of people to a church event. It is an invitation letter that can be used either to invite members of the community to attend a church event or to invite another church to participate in your event. It may also refer to an invitation addressed to a preacher to minister at a church event.

There are many para church ministries today who are always wanting to invite churches and other para-church ministries to their events. The sample invitation letter below can be adapted to any such situation. Whether you are a youth leader looking to invite other youth ministries to your event or you are a new musical band, looking to invite some groups to your event, this sample invitation letter would be useful.

Sample Church Invitation from one church to another church

The Agape Church
123 Stodes road, Kingston, Ontario.


April 15 2012
Rev Matt Anderson
The Redemers Baptist Church
Kingston, ON.

Dear Rev Anderson,


You and your entire church family are cordially invited to a 2 day worship experience taking place at the K-Rock Center on Friday and Saturday June 12th and 13th, 2016 at 7pm – 10pm on both days.

The Main worship band at the event will be the Solid Rock Band. This a worship band that seeks to draw the body of believers beyond simply singing to a more spiritual and life transforming communion with God.  The band comprises of 3 singers who have been in the music ministry for over 10 years. As a band the have released a 5 worship CDs and in 2011 the won the dove award for best inspirational worship.

We are privileged to have them this years since they are usually booked for many months ahead of time.

This is a free event but free will offerings will be taken during the meetings.

Our prayer is that the body of believers in Kingston will all come together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Dave Solomon
The Agape Church

Sample Letter to Invite the Mayor to speak at an event

Inviting the mayor or any other dignitary to your event is important on two fronts. It helps you announce to the Mayor’s office that you are doing something and if the Mayor is able to attend or sends a representative, it give your event more credibility (depending on the popularity of the mayor) at least in some quarters. How does one go about writing an invitation letter to a Mayor. You simply follow the same format for writing any formal letter. However, you must remember to address the Mayor or any other dignitary properly.  It is also important to print the letter on your organization’s letter head paper or design a simple one and print on quality paper.


Here is a sample letter of invitation written to invite a Mayor to Speak at an event.

[Use the Letter Head Paper of the Club]

The Young Engineers Club of Queens University

Address of the Club, Website,

12th January 2013


Dear Honorable Mayor John Smith
The Office of the Mayor
City Hall
Address of the Mayor



The Young Engineers Club of Queens University, cordially invites you to speak at the closing ceremony of our 3 days Love your Neighbor initiative at the K-Rock Center at 10am, Saturday the 12th of June 2013.

For 3 days The Young Engineers Club of Queen University Kingston will be serving the people of the Kingston Community by helping those with various kinds of needs. Last year we help 30 seniors and 5 widows to do various menial jobs such as cleaning their windows, mowing the lawn, moving of furniture, arranging the garage and just keeping them company. In addition to this, we removed graffiti from some major public buildings such as the XYZ School.

The event will feature the Rockies music band, and a few speeches from the president of the University and some of the people that the event has touched. We have invited many of the businesses in the city and we look forward to hearing from you our honorable Mayor.

The Young Engineers Club of Queens University was started by Dr Steven King in 1949 and has been going strong since then. The Love Your Neighbor initiative started last year. It was a great success and we are sure this year’s event will have a similar response judging from the numbers of volunteers that have registered.

To confirm your attendance or for further details please contact me at 613-555-5555 or via email at

Thank you for your consideration

Yours sincerely,

Insert Signatures here
Betty Jugo                                                                                                           Sam Mani

President                                                                                                            Secretary