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There are many types of invitation letters. They vary according to their content, but their format may be similar. In writing a church conference invitation letter, you can use the usual business letter format. However, your tone and message should be addressed to church leaders.

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Before you write your invitation letter!

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Sample Church Conference Invitation Letter

To give you an idea of how your letter should be presented, here is a sample of a church conference invitation letter:


The Church of Christ
571 Cardero Street, Coal Harbour
Vancouver BC.

February 13, 2017.
Rev Rick Buffet
The Christ the King Church
987 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
Vancouver BC.

Dear Rev Buffet,

This is to formally invite you and the rest of your church community for a grand worship conference entitled “Jesus Is Alive.” The worship conference will be led by Rev Napoleon Osteen from Grace of Heaven church. In the said conference, the primary worship band will be The Voice of Angels. This is the band that is famous for their album entitled “Believe.” The Voice of Angels will also be accompanied by other worship bands from several different churches.

“Jesus Is Alive” worship conference will be held on April 1, 2017 at ABC Arena in Port Coquitlam, Vancouver. The conference will start at 4:00 pm which may last until 10:00 pm. Admission is free. Only the freewill offering boot is placed at the main entrance.

Please let us know if you and your church community can attend this worship conference. You may confirm your attendance on or before March 20, 2017. To confirm, you may contact Brother Stanley White at (604) 568-6227. You may also send him an email message to for questions or confirmation. Should you plan attend the conference, you can also inform Brother Stanley about the estimated headcount.

Last year, the conference we had was a great success. Many church leaders asked for a similar conference, and this is the answer for such overwhelming request. We hope that this year’s conference is another great experience for all of us.

We pray that this conference will also be another avenue to unite the body of Christ in our city. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to abound on us all.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Joel Moen
The Church of Christ


The above church conference invitation letter is just a sample. All details such as names, locations, contact details, and titles are not real. They are only used as sample details to help you figure out the flow of your content. Nevertheless, it is the thought that counts. You can use this letter as a template or as a guide to compose your own church conference invitation letter.

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    1. Tumuhairwe sandra

      Hullo Tumuhairwe Sandra,ileave in Africa Uganda,I would like to attend your conference and learn fefferrnt things as a worship pastor,am a worshiper and I fellowship from Watoto church willing to pay for my self a ticket and come if u give me a chance and invite me for this conference with an invitation latter,God bless you


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