Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter with Samples

Writing a naming ceremony invitation letter requires skill and attention to detail. Does that sound too serious for a naming ceremony? Well it probably does, but nevertheless, it is true. An invitation letter that is badly written would essentially send the wrong message. What sort of wrong message could an invitation letter possibly send? I’ll tell you. A badly written naming ceremony invitation letter could make the receiver feel unimportant, and on the flip side it could also look too patronizing and therefore lead to the one thing you won’t want which is having your invitation ignored. No one likes to be ignored especially for a special occasion such as the naming ceremony of their child. So, for that reason, this article would show you how to write a proper naming ceremony invitation letter. But before I proceed I would explain what a ‘Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter’ is.

What is a Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter?

A Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter is a written note which announces the special event where you will officially introduce the name of your new child to your family and friends. The event could be hosted a few days after the birth of the child or some months after depending on the parents of the child. The ceremony is a time for family and friends to officially meet the little baby so despite the religious & cultural significance often attached to the ceremony, the event is very much a social gathering in honor of the baby. Its celebration is similar to a birthday, the difference being that the day isn’t the day the child was born and the baby doesn’t get to socialize with his/her peers. All the other things that come along with birthdays such as gifts and well wishes are also present in a naming ceremony.

Invitation cards are a very courteous way to invite your guests in the first-ever celebration event of your little one. Some naming ceremony invites mention the name of the child on the invitation card but most wait till the ceremony before announcing the names.

The first thing to consider when writing a Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter is this; Make sure the invitation has a personal touch. The invitation should feel personal to each person you invite. This can be achieved by doing the following;

  1. Add a picture of the baby (optional).
  2. Write out the individual name of the guest, if it is a hand-written letter, or print the names if the invitation is printed.
  3. Deliver it to the guests individually. Physical delivery to the guests through messengers or courier would be ideal but in these days of social media, a personal email or message would be good. Avoid posting it on public platforms where many people can read it, for instance comment sections of social media or group chats. This defeats the intimate nature of a naming ceremony which should be a gathering of family and friends and not strangers.

The second thing to consider is to make sure that the invitations look good both on both paper and phones. Use the right colors and fonts. Use bright colors which would communicate the bright mood of the invitation but not too bright as to make the important details of the invitation non-legible. The fonts on the other hand can be stylish but not too stylish as to be unclear and hard to read.

The third thing to consider when writing a Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter is to add heartfelt thoughts to the invite.

Lastly and most importantly you ought to highlight important details like date and venue using the bold and italic options or use bullet points to make the information clearly visible.

Samples of Naming Ceremony Invitation Letter

Sample One

“Dear, Geoffrey,

The pleasure of your company is kindly requested, please mark your calendar for 17thOctober for the naming ceremony of our little bundle of joy ‘Judith’, at 7th Avenue, Gwarimpa Estate, at 6 pm onwards. It will be followed by dinner.”

Sample Two

“Mr. Jeffrey, we the Tarfa family happily invite you and your wonderful family to a grand naming ceremony of our daughter at our home in Gwarimpa, 7th Avenue, on the 15th of January. There’ll be a short service at 11 am within the house premises where the names would be announced, which is to be followed by lunch.”

Sample Three

“Hello Joselin,

Our baby, a beautiful girl will grow up to be a wonderful lady; mark your date, that’s the plan!” You are hereby invited to the naming ceremony;

Date: 14th Nov at Venue: 7th Avenue, Gwarimpa by Time: 4pm onwards.

The ceremony will be followed by dinner and dancing.”

If you are too busy to write invitation letters, you can always download templates online, but this downloaded template must be edited to follow the guidelines of a good letter of invitation to a naming ceremony mentioned earlier. When editing/customizing the letter you should;

  1. Change the images to that of your baby.
  2. Change the fonts (optional).
  3. Change the colors (optional)
  4. Change details like your names, time and venue of the ceremony etc.

Another way of sending a Naming Ceremony Invitation is by Video. In this case the parents of the child may record a single video following the important guidelines stated earlier like; including the baby’s picture and giving a heartfelt short speech(invitation). However, it cannot be so personal as to mention individual names as this may lead to making many separate videos for different guests. But when the guests are very few then video invitations can be personalized to include individual guest names. This method of sending an invitation is easier but written invitations (whether physical or virtual) feel more personal and are therefore more advisable.

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