Lease termination letter with samples (from Landlord to tenant).

So you want to end your lease? Situations change and life happens. Sometimes that means our property arrangements have to shift. If you are a landlord or you manage a property, you’ll have to know how to end the lease with your tenant in the best way. Here’s how to terminate your lease with your tenant.

Terminating a lease on the landlord’s side is not that different from how it is done when a tenant wants to end a lease on his own end. We’ve talked previously about how a tenant can terminate a lease with his landlord. (insert link here). In this article, we’ll be looking at two different samples of how to terminate a lease as a landlord.

Regardless of who’s ending the lease, there are a few important things you need to note.

What does a lease contain?

A lease should state exactly how long the arrangement will last- one year, two years, etc and exactly how much money will be paid each month and when the rent will be due. Other things that are included in a lease are security deposits, first-and-last-months’ rent requirement, pet rules, who pays for what utilities, and who is responsible for maintenance and repairs. Depending on the nature of the building and what amenities are in it, the landlord can stipulate terms of use for facilities and eventualities. For instance, pool privileges and parking lot access conditions may be spelt out in your lease.

Why write a lease termination letter?

State laws require you to give written notice in order to terminate a lease. Your lease probably states the appropriate way to end the agreement, including when you should give notice. But if it doesn’t, follow the guidelines in this article and feel free to use the templates and tweak it to your needs.

Putting your tenant on notice

It’s important to give your tenant(s) enough notice so that they can make all the arrangements they need in order to leave the premises in good time and search for other accommodation.  Usually, 30 days-notice is sufficient. However, different states’ laws might differ. For instance in West Virgina, a landlord’s notice must arrive before the start of the next rent period (that is, before the next rent payment is due). Most people tend to think 30 days’ notice is enough but this is a little more than 30 days. Essentially, it means you have until the end of the next month’s rent.

The length of your notice to terminate a lease may depend on how long the lease is for. For instance, a 2 year lease may require a longer notice period than a 6-month lease. You can crosscheck your local laws to make sure your notice is within time.

What to include in your termination letter?

When terminating your lease, you should write your name and address. And also the name and address of the tenant as written in the lease.

Be sure to put the date.

Simply address it ‘Dear Landlord’ or ‘To the Landlord’.

State that you wish to end your lease. And indicate exactly when the tenant’s lease is expiring.

Include any incidental information you think the tenant should be made aware of.

Here are two samples that can help you get started!


Sample Letter 1

Blake View Properties.
No. 75 Riverview Crescent,
Albany, New York, 85794


Jacob John
55 Blantyre Dr.
Albany, New York 77764

June 19, 2018.


Dear Mr. John,


We at Blakeview Properties would like to inform you that your lease on 55 Blantyre Drive expires on 30th August, 2018.  We would also like to inform you that we will not be seeking to renew the lease agreement with you.

Blakeview Properties will be changing ownership and handing over to new management over the next few weeks. The company will henceforth be known as Starlight Properties, and will be making some changes to the properties currently under its management.

As such we will be needing several tenants to vacate in order to accommodate this change. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Do feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, at our address and phone number.

Lena Long,


Blakeview Properties.


 Sample Letter 2

Michael Moses,
432 Sweet Drive,
Champange, Texas 1485-7661


Harmony Morgan,
Apt. 3b, 433 Hallen Heights,
Guillotine Texas.

June 19, 2018.


Dear Ms. Morgan,


I’m writing to inform you that your lease expires on exactly 1st August, 2018. Please note your lease will be non-renewable after it expires. I will be moving into the apartment to be closer to my family in Champagne.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the building. I would like to schedule an appropriate time to inspect the apartment before you leave, preferably within 2 weeks before your exit. Please let me know what day will be best.

You can call me at 555 4332 or email me at


Best wishes,

Michael Moses,

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