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If you are having trouble finding the right wedding invitation letter wording, you sure are in the right place. Let me start by saying big congratulations to you and your spouse-to-be. Marriage is something beautiful to look forward to and I’m so happy that you two lovebirds found each other. So, I guess you’ve picked a date already and you want to start sending out those wedding invitations but you are not getting any writing inspirations. You are the reason I wrote this article. I am going to try to break the whole process down for you so you can get fresh ideas for yours. Feel free to pick any of the samples at the end of this article. However, let’s lay some ground rules first.

When to send out your Wedding Invitation Letter

Well, it is totally up to you. But here is my advice. Do not send out invites if you are not certain about the date you picked yet. Giving notice six months or a year in advance might sound great but it isn’t advisable. Anything can come up within that long period of time which might require that you reschedule or perhaps cut down on your guest list. So, don’t be in a hurry. if a lot of people are going to have to travel for your wedding, sending the invitations out two or three months in advance will be a greatly appreciated. Take your time and choose a date that works well with your schedule and your spouse’s too. Also, consider not sending out to everyone that comes to mind. Work with your budget. For instance, if your budget allows you to invite 100 people, make a list of those hundred people in order of priority. We all know that there are some people whose presence you value more than others. Pay attention to this fact while compiling your guest list.

Wedding Invitation Letter Etiquette

I believe that a lot of preparations for your wedding are underway already. Now, there is the matter of drafting and sending out your wedding invitation letter to those you wish to share the moment with. Here are a few pointers I call Wedding Invitation Letter Etiquette, to guide you while you prepare to write.

Tone of your Wedding Invitation Letter

You should know that not everyone is going to be addressed the same way. Why? Because relationships happen at different levels and it is important not to get that mixed up. For instance, if your boss is on your guest list, the way you address his invitation letter won’t be the same way you’d address your friend’s letter. Your wedding invitation letter for your friend will carry a personal, informal time while the one for your boss will have a formal tone. So, it is important to bear in mind the kind of relationship you have with the people on your guest list and address them accordingly.

Include Important Details

Details of the venue and time should not be left out for any reason. Amazingly, some people forget to include their name and that of their spouse. Please don’t forget that and assume that they will figure it out by themselves. Be sure to include all of that including the number to call for further inquiries. If there is going to be a color for the day, please include it in the letter so they can be informed about it beforehand. The key here is just to remember to legibly communicate who, what, where, and when.

Using Punctuations

You shouldn’t use punctuations at all except when writing titles like Mr., Mrs., or Engr. The return address to be included must be the hosting party’s address. Also, don’t forget to capitalize these letters and the names that follow. Your date should be spelled out clearly in either of these formats: Saturday, 7th January 2018 or Saturday, Seventh of January, Two thousand and eighteen. The time should be written either at 10:00 AM or Ten o’clock in the morning. Apart from the names and title, only capitalize at the beginning of each sentence. You will understand better when you look at the sample I added at the end of this post.

Keep your wedding Invitation Letter Simple and concise.

Don’t go beating around the bush by including unnecessary pleasantries and details. Go straight to the point. Please limit the use of abbreviations while you write. It’s really great and it offers more understanding to the recipient when you use complete words. Oh… I forgot to mention. You probably should know this already. Don’t mention anything about gifts on the wedding invitation. You want people there because you love them, not because you want their money or gifts. So, let them come as they are. If they bring a gift, that’s great!

Wedding Invitation Letter to Boss

There is usually a small issue that comes up when it comes to sending out a wedding invitation letter to your boss. And I believe this can get worse if you dislike your boss. So, I guess the real question is, Do I want my boss to be at my wedding ceremony? Should I send him a wedding invitation letter? Personally, I think it is courteous to extend an invitation to your boss depending on the kind of work relationship you two have going. If the presence of your boss would make you feel uncomfortable, then do not send out your wedding invitation letter to him/her. That’d make room for other people you really want to be there. If you decide to invite your boss, please use a formal tone while addressing it. If you are friends with your boss, make it formal with a personal touch. That way, you won’t be disrespecting them with your invitation.

Wedding Invitation to Office

Although your wedding is a formal event, you should send an official wedding invitation letter to your guests including your coworkers. They should be treated exactly like your other guests, therefore, you should include them in your guest list and include them in the invitation letter count.

I should say here that extending your wedding invitation letter to your colleagues at work can be tricky sometimes. You can’t invite one person and leave out another. However, it is great to start with the colleagues that you hang out with at the office. Inviting your coworkers out of obligation is actually risky. Your innocent invitation might just bring up resentment in the hearts of those you didn’t invite. What I’m saying, in essence, is that you should invite as much as you can or the few people you actually have a good relationship with. Later on, after the wedding, you can bring a part of your cake and share with the others who couldn’t make it.

Wedding Invitation Letter Wording Samples

Here are a few samples you can work with.

My dear __________ (Name of Friend),

This is to inform you that January 14th has been fixed as the date of my marriage. Of course, the printed invitations have been sent, but I must write personally to a close friend like you to join us on this occasion. Please come two days before the marriage as I have to talk to you about certain important matters. You know that I won’t take a ‘no’ from you.


Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Here is a sample of a short personal letter that will be sent out along with the wedding invitation card

Dear Mr.(Name) and Mrs.(Name),

We are pleased to inform you our wedding is scheduled to take place on (Date).  An invitation is enclosed herewith.  Due to various reason as you would understand, we are unable to come and invite you personally.  However, please kindly treat this as our personal invitation and attend the wedding well in advance and bless the couple.

We look forward to seeing you at the wedding,

Yours Affectionately,

[Name of Bride and Groom]

E-mail Sample



Subject: Invitation letter for wedding

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

We request the pleasure of your presence at our wedding. The date of the wedding is fixed on _____ (date of the wedding) at _____ (time) and will be organized at _______ (venue of the wedding). You request you to remain present at least before 2 days of the wedding.

We invite you to share our happiness and celebrate the union and the beginning of our life together. We would be obliged to get a favorable reply from your side and we would be expecting your presence in the wedding. Thank You!

Yours Truly,


Name and Signature

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