Sample Leave of Absence Application (request) letter

Why Leave request Letter?

Any leave letter is written with the intention of requesting some time of work. For administrative purposes, many companies and organizations require their employees to hand in a formal leave of absence letter to request for time off from work. In many cases you would have already received a verbal consent for the leave and as such it would not matter much how the letter is written. However, you still need to include all the pertinent information for the processing of your leave of absence.

Any leave letter must contain, the full names of the employee, your employee number if applicable, the dates for the leave of absence, the reason for the leave and of course your signature.

Here is a sample leave of absence request letter.

David Mark

1234 Sunnyville road

Kingston, Ontario.

K7K 2z4

13th March 201X

The Manager

Sears Clothing Stores

Cataraqui Mall

Kingston, On. K7M 1K3

Dear Miss Juliet Sanny


I would like to request for 3 days leave of absence from work to attend my graduation ceremony. The ceremony is on June 19th 201x and it will take place at the University of Manitoba. My parents are visiting from out of town and as such, I would need to accompany them to the airport.  This will mean that I will be away from the office from Thursday, June 18 and I will be back at the office on Tuesday, June 23rd.

I hope to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that the work continues without much disturbance while I am away.

Thank you,

David Mark

Employee No:9987

Please note the following about requesting for any type of leave of absence or time away from work

  • It is important to give enough time for adequate preparation to be made to accommodate your absence
  • Have a clear and specific reason
  • Make it a request rather than an information
  • Be considerate.

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