Time-off request with samples

At some point everybody needs time off of work. Most organizations have a process that will include you sending some kind of correspondence requesting time off. Even if you work at a mom and pops, you may need to put certain things in writing. Here are tips on how to write a time-off request with samples.  A request letter is the perfect tool to use when requesting some time off work.

So what should I know before writing a time-off request letter?

-Firstly, you should be aware of the amount of time you need to give before requesting the time off work. Bosses need time to process your time off request, and make necessary adjustments (for extra help, etc if need be). If you are unsure of the notice period, you should cross check with your HR manager or your boss, where there is no HR department.

You will need to include specific dates and reasons for your request make sure the dates are correct. There’s nothing like getting your time off approved and finding out the Don’t forget to revise all the tips for writing a request letter and make sure you include all the relevant information.

A request letter includes the basic concepts of a formal letter. The letter needs to include specific information about the topic that you are asking about. For example requesting time off at work you need to add specific dates and reasons. A request letter should include relevant information with specific details.

How long should my time-off request letter be?

Your letter should not exceed one page. You can put all the relevant information on a page, sometimes a couple of paragraphs is enough to convey your message.

What not to include?

Don’t include any irrelevant information, but keep the letter specific and to the point. Be professional. Don’t include any false information, but make sure all the information is correct and precise.


Here are a couple of examples.

Sample 1

October 12, 2018

Madeline Ross,

Human Resource Manager,

EverGreen Inc.


Dear Madam,

This letter is a formal request for two weeks’ vacation leave from October 22st to November 5th, 2018 . I will be back at work on November 6, 2018. My husband and I are planning a vacation for the first time in 3 years.

I have asked other members of my team to make sure that all of my responsibilities are covered while I am away, and they have agreed. I will have completed all pending tasks on my roster before my departure. My supervisor has obliged me this leave period, I have enclosed a letter from him.

If you have any questions or considerations, I can be reached at dorothymuran@evergreeninc.com. While on vacation, I will be checking my email every day, so I can be reached if it is urgently needed.

Thank you for your consideration. Please let me know if my vacation request has been approved at your earliest convenience, so I can finalize our flight and hotel bookings.



Dorothy Muran.

Sample 2

October 1, 2018

Lewland & Co.,

100 Production Way

Cleveland, Ohio 43225

Attn: Julie Roe


Subject: Vacation Request


Dear Ms. Roe,


I would like to request vacation time for October 10- October 16. I wish to use some of my vacation hours for some much needed family time. I plan to return to work on October 17, 2018.


All of my work is currently completed. I will also make sure that all pending work will be completed before my departure.

As you know, I am a hard worker and regularly put in more than 60 hours a week. I feel I am long overdue for some time off. I have put a trip on hold several times for company demands, and now feel it absolutely necessary to take some time off and relax with my family.


I have filled out the official company Vacation Request From and have attached it to my letter. Kindly respond to my request in the soonest possible time so I may finalize my travel itinerary.

Thank you.



Brad Way.

Marketing Department.

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