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Sample invitation to Retirement Dinner Party

Retirement parties are usually organised by the person retiring, however in some cases the company may want to throw a party for them. Here is a sample email, that may help you to construct your invitation email. This letter can also be used as a regular letter, all you will need to add is the Company letter head. Many invitations today are also done via various electronic invitations such as evite.com.

Before you write your invitation letter!

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Dear John Smith,

Retirement Party for Mr Alexander Dowie

This is to inform you that Dr Alex Dowie our  Director of the IT Department is retiring on January 23, 2013.  Dr Dowie joined our company 20 years back when the company was in its initial years and was trying to make its place among the top ranked companies in the Mortgage Industry.  Ever since then, he has positively contributed towards the success of this company. We were never short of his advice when it was most needed and his leadership and faith in his fellow colleagues has always been exemplary.

In order to say a formal ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck for a relaxed retired life, a farewell dinner is organized by the company at Ramdas Hotel, 45 Johnson st, kingston, Ontario on 23 January, 2013.

You and your spouse are all invited to grace this occasion and express your best wishes to Dr Dowie in person. Kindly RSVP by responding to this email with the name of your guest by 15th of January.



Guest Speaker Invitation Letter

Formal Invitation Letters for Guest Speakers, Keynote Speaker, Workshop speakers/facilitators can be quite a challenge to write if you have never written one.  Like every letter, an invitation letter usually reflects the personality and the values of the person or organization writing it.  A good guest speaker invitation letter should be easy to read, respectful and clear, with all the information your guest speaker needs to make a decision.

The sample guest speaker invitation letter below is for inviting a professor for an international Conference. The mood of the letter is serious and the letter is very formal.

Please use this sample guest invitation letter as a source of inspiration for you own letter. You can make your letter less formal or even more formal, as long as you keep all the information necessary for your invited speaker to decide whether to accept your invitation or not.

guest speaker at confrence

Before you write your invitation letter!

If you do not have Grammarly – A grammar checker that I use every day for all my writing, please get it free from here Now. Grammarly. You can read my full story on how I discovered Grammarly here.

Sample Guest Speaker Invitation Letter

Dr. John Doe
Director of Research
Widget Algorithms
Concordia University
New York, NY 23456

 International Conference: Using Widgets in the next phase of Small Devices Integration

Dear Dr. Doe,

We are pleased to invite you to the “International International Conference: Using Widgets in the next phase of Small Devices Integration,” scheduled from 28-30 March 2016 in Washington DC. This Conference will be a joint effort of the University of Concordia and the University of Michigan.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Michigan Dr Samuel Golden, will inaugurate the Conference and the President of Bell Industries is expected to address the Closing Ceremony.

The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:

  • ƒ Using Widgets for whatever
  • ƒ Transforming widgets to whatever
  • ƒ Reusing Widgets

ƒThis Conference will examine research and development both locally and internationally. (this is where you let the speaker know what to expect)

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to participate in this Conference as Speaker for the Workshop on “Using widgets for whatever”. We believe that your contribution to this field is unparalleled and a workshop on this topic will be of great benefit.

We look forward to a positive confirmation, an honor for us indeed. Kindly RSVP by February 20, 2016 to the Conference Secretary, Ms. Mary Longe, at info@widgetconference2016.com

Your Faithfully,

Dr Mark Loner
Conference Planning Chair
Dept of Electronics
Mark University, Michigan.

Sample Invitation Letter for a Guest Speaker to speak at an Annual Dinner

EMYL Group

123 Street West,  Lafayette, MI, USA 23123


April 21, 2016
Bob Harps
Harps Consulting
Indianapolis, IN, USA 12980

Dear Dr. Bob Harps,

Invitation to Speak at Annual Dinner

EMYL is a group of business minded youths living in the Lafayette area. Each of our members started their business below age 20 from which they make a living, having this in common we gather to help achieve our goals together.

Like partners, we track progress from business to business by following set structures that we have formed from reading good books. Your book titled “Get Set, Go!” is one of the books that we have used and many of our members saw tremendous progress while we were studying it.

Among other things on your website, I appreciate one of your goals that has to do with ‘helping younger people succeed’.  And in this regard I would like to formally invite you to be the main speaker at our annual year-end dinner. This is schedule for Saturday the 8th of December, 2016 at the Lafayette City Hall. I know that our members will be thrilled to have you in person.

Kindly confirm your acceptance for the date. However, if you are not available to speak for that day, we still have ample time to make some date changes to accommodate your availabilities. I could be reached by phone at 627-448-1234 or  by email at Larrygolders@EMYL.org.

Our website is www.EMYL.org to give you more information about the group.


Steve Harris

What are the basic components of an Invitation Letter for a Guest speaker?

All invitations should have these components no matter how you choose to format or arrange them. You language could be informal or formal. You could use email or a regular mail or a combination of both. Just make sure these basic components are included in the letter.

  • The name, date, and venue of the event
  • The theme or focus of the event
  • Why you think they would be a great speaker for your event
  • Why it would benefit them
  • How they can contact you

 Sample Invitation Letter for a Guest Speaker – Image

Here is an image to help you visualize how the printed copy of your invitation for a guest speaker should look like.

Invitation letter for a guest speaker

When and How to deliver a guest speaker invitation letter

Guest speakers play a major role in any event. As a result, it is important that the organizers of the event send out the guest invitation letter as early as possible. For popular speakers and celebrities you may need  up to 6months to two years.

Many speakers today will be happy to receive an email invitation. However it is advisable to send a hard copy of the invitation letter to the guest speaker. You may then choose to send a scanned or PDF copy of the letter to the speaker via email.

Some other sample guest speaker invitation letters


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