Sample letter to invite your wife or husband to Canada

When it comes to writing an invitation letter for your spouse to visit you in any country, you are not alone and your letter needs to be well written. It’s not that there are no provisions for such visits but that most people who will need this kind of letter are also not permanent residents at least in Canada. However each case is unique and there are literally thousands of international students who have to invite their wives or husbands to visit them during the summer months or for the duration of their programs. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, all you need to know is that a good invitation letter must contain all the necessary information as stated on the Canadian Immigration Website.

Before you write your invitation letter!

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Here is a sample invitation letter to invite your wife to visit you for 1 month in Canada

I always suggest that the letter be addressed to your spouse. However you may address the letter to the Visa Officer as well.


John Davicito
Apt 333,
2000 Virginia Drive,
Kingston, Ontario,
Canada. K7K1R3

 Dear Mary,

Please consider this as a formal invitation for you to visit me in Kingston, Ontario this Summer. I am happy that your annual leave falls at such a good time because I can take time of my program to show you some sights around Canada. Please plan to come as agreed between August 2nd 2013 and September 4th 2013. The weather is perfect at this time so you will not be too cold.

You will be staying with me in my apartment during your stay and I will be responsible for transportation around the country while you are here.

Please include this letter as part of your visa application package. I cant wait to see you my darling.

Kisses and Hugs

Insert Signature here



Guest Information

Mary Jane Davicito
Date of Birth – 1 Jan 1980
Address – no 1 Ebinpejo lane, ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel – +234-803-234-7890
Relationship – Wife
Host Info

Name: John Davicito
Date of Birth: 2 Feb 1975
Address: Apt 333, 2000 Virginia Drive, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7K1R3
Tel: 1-613-111-1111
Occupation: Phd Student at Queens University
Status: Student Permit


You may need to customize this letter as it may apply to you! There is no need to elaborate and add unnecessary information. If all the relevant info is included all you need to add are documents to support your claims in the letter such as:

  • Copy of your student permit
  • Copy of your lease if possible
  • Copy of a utility bill if possible


Remember РThe supporting document for your spouse are more important than the invitation  letter. It is important that you prepare as many documents as possible to support the fact that your wife or husband will return to their country at the end of the visit. In Canada, you are entitled to having your spouse with you for the duration of your program so it is possible that she gets a visa that covers the duration of your program as a student. For more help get the visa application and interview kit.