Sample Invitation Letter to a Bridal Shower

When writing formal letters to invite friends and family to events like Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and Housewarming, it is always a good idea to have a simple letter headed paper. A letter headed paper is a normal printing paper with your name and address beautifully formatted on it. You would not need to order these from any store, you can simply design them on your word processor.  These do come handy from time to time.

Before you start writing your invitation letter!

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Here is a sample invitation letter to a Bridal Shower

[Using a letter headed paper – Your address is formatted on top of the letter]


23 March 2012,

Sandra Sullivan

234 Madason street, Queens,

New York. 12345.


Dear Sandra,

You are cordially invited the bridal shower of  Mary Lou Sondi.

As you may know know, Mary Lou and Steven are to be married on May 12 2012.  We would like to use this occasion to support Mary Lou  as she gets ready for the wedding. I am sure it would be a beautiful occasion and Mary Lou will appreciate your attendance greatly.

The Bridal Shower will be held at The Rotary Club,  23 Rook road, Queens. NY.  on Saturday April 14th 2012.

Mary Lou and Steven have opened a Wedding registry at The Bay. You may search for theirs using the name Mary Lou and Steven. Cash gifts and Gift card are also accepted.

Please RSVP by April 5th. You may use my telephone no – 123-456-777 or email



Sally Smith