Letter Writing Format – How to write a letter

So you want to write a letter?

We can help you out. Knowing how to write a good letter will help you in virtually every situation. At some point, you will need to write correspondence to communicate with a boss, an employee, a friend, a colleague, an organization, family, something! Some people get confused when writing letters. There is no need for confusion. We can help you organize your thoughts and set out your letter clearly.

Before I write a letter.

Before you start writing, you should think about

-why you are writing; what is the purpose of the letter? What do you hope to achieve by writing this letter? Do you simply want to send your greetings to someone or is there some specific action you want to get done. Understanding the why will determine what details you should include in the letter such as dates, names, etc.

-who are you writing to? This will determine the style and tone that you use. Is it a formal letter? To a corporate organization? Or a respected member of society? Is it an informal letter? To a friend or a loved one perhaps. Your language will be either formal or casual depending on the receiver.

Some basics

  • Every letter is sent to an address. Be sure to include the receiver’s full address on the face of the letter. This should be followed by your own. If the letter is to a specific person, make sure his name is clearly written above the address. Include yours on top of your address as well. If you are sending an email, sometimes addresses are not a must. But if it is a formal letter, like a job application or to an organization, it is best to still address it properly. If you are using a letterhead (that is, a printed heading on stationery, stating a person or organization’s name and address) it is not necessary to state your address in another space as all your contact information is already on the face of the paper.
  • Be sure to date your later. Write out the full date. September 20, 2018 is preferable to Sept. 20, 2018 or 20/9/18.
  • You can choose to skip the date when writing an email.
  • If your letter is a formal letter and is for a specific purpose you may choose to put a heading. E.g, “Notice for Rent Increase” or “Letter of Resignation”.
  • For typed formal letters, leave about four spaces between the complimentary close and your typed full name. Print the letter, then sign your name in blue or black ink in that blank space.


There are basically three parts to a letter.

  • The introduction. This includes everything leading up to the main point of the letter. This includes addresses, headings and salutations.
  • The body. This is the meat of your letter. It may be one paragraph long or split into several. Each paragraph can contain a specific idea or piece of information. Also, if your sentences run on too long, you should break them into smaller paragraphs to make it easier to read.
  • The end or conclusion. This is you signing off. Draw the letter to a close. If you have a specific call to action, restate it here. End the letter with an appropriate complimentary closing. For instance “Yours faithfully”, “Sincerely”, “Best Wishes”, “Thank you”, “Much love”.


Sample Letter Format 1

Mark Shapiro,
The Director,
33 Lakeside,
Newark, New Jersey 48938


Truestop Life
888, Longwood,
Newark, New Jersey, 39294

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of Truestop Life, a not-for-profit organization based in Newark New Jersey. We have been in existence since 2010. We are committed to creating a greener, more ecologically sustainable world. We believe this starts with local community efforts and sensitization.

We have followed your work and eco-activism keenly over the years, and greatly admire the strides you’ve made in pushing ecologically-friendly legislation through Congress, most recently the Pure Water Act. You have paved the way for a lot of new policy that is already shaping our cities for the better. We thank you for your efforts.

In that line, we would be greatly honored to have you as a Guest Speaker at our Annual Symposium that brings together over 50 environmental groups in the New Jersey Area. We would like you to speak on the topic: “Your Role in Flushing Our Oceans”.

The event comes up at the EVE Events Center at CityScape, Newark, New Jersey at 9 a.m.

We genuinely believe your presence would add depth and color to the occasion. It would be a great opportunity to convey your inspiring contributions with us. We believe many who look up to you would benefit immensely.

We really look forward to your being a part of this occasion.

Please find attached the scheduled program of events for the symposium. We have also included a packet which will give you more details about our organization and the work we do.

Kindly contact Hilda Green on (780) 475-7034 with any questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Gatesi,
TruStop Life.


Sample Letter 2

Joe Smith,
33 Allison Avenue
568 Juno,
Florida, 7668-5126

June 21, 2018

Ellen White,
7778 Merrisee,
Newark, New Jersey 457667

Dear Joe,

Ellen here! It has been so long since we last saw. I have missed you greatly. What have you been up to?

I am doing alright in Georgia. The weather is nicer than New Jersey. No more snow. Ha! I saw your sister from afar about a week ago. By the time I got to where she was, she was no longer there. She hasn’t changed a bit. Do send me you e-mail or phone number. All I have is your home address for now. It would be good to catch up.

You can call me on 3638 3900. My email is ellenellen@email.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ellen W.


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