Sample Invitation to Grand Opening

When inviting guests to a Grand Opening you are doing so for a few reasons. You want your current customers to visit your business again, you want your neighbors to come into your business to see what you have, you want every one in the community to be aware of your business. There are various categories of invitation letters  that will be required for such an event. Each of this invitation letters must be well crafted to reflect your intentions as well as the benefit to those you are inviting. One set of letters will be needed for your friends and family and previous customers (if any) and another letter for your guests of honor if you have planned your Grand Opening with some special activities in mind.

Here is a sample invitation letter, inviting one of your friends, or neighbors (your general mailing list) to your Grand opening. Your opening paragraph may need some editing depending on your specific situation, otherwise this letter would make an excellent grand opening invitation letter.


Chop and Quench Restaurant
123 hungry lane, Kessington, Ny

Dear Sally Ann


We are happy to announce that our newly renovated restaurant is now ready for your dining pleasure. We are eager to treat you and your family to a unique and cost effective dining experience with our special African Menu and Service.
We are pleased to invite you to celebrate with us on August 13th 20XX at our location at 123 Hungry Road with a free dinner at 6:00pm. Please find a copy of our menu enclosed.

Kindly inform us of your attendance by July 31st either via phone (1-800-888-1234) or email at

We look forward to serving you.

Yours faithfully,
Mary Ann Gulah

This letter is addressed to either a friend or previous customer of the restaurant. The idea behind the letter is that you want these selected people (who have some influence in the community) to come and taste your product (in this case food and service) so that they can pass it on to their circle of influence. This letter may also be sent to other business owners around the community. As you already know, you may chose to use an invitation card in the place of an invitation letter, however letters still have a way of conveying more of a personal touch than a card.

When writing the same letter to a guest of honor who would either be presenting a speech at the event or just sitting at the high table, you may need to write another letter stating precisely what they would be doing at the ceremony or celebration and the time they would be doing it.