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Interview Decline Email – Samples and Tips


There are an astounding number of reasons why you might consider withdrawing yourself from the pool of applicants from the interview of a job that you may have otherwise accepted with open arms – you may find, soon after applying for the job that it no longer seems like an ideal match for you, or you may receive an alternative offer that promises much better prospects. Either way, if you are offered the opportunity for an interview, while the convenient thing to do might seem to be ignore the invitation all together, the more polite response, would be to in fact – respond with an interview decline email.

An interview decline email speaks not only of the quality of your character, but may also lead the recipients of the letter to consider introducing certain incentives that may encourage you to take the job – that is, if they consider you an ideal fit for it.

Here are a few tips going in:

  • Respond Promptly:

It would be somewhat counterproductive to wait till the last minute to send the interview decline email if your intention is to leave a good impression. As soon as you are asked to come in for the interview, let the company know that you would be unable to make it – If not for anything, to re-open the slots for other interested candidates.

  • Be Polite:

Show your appreciation for being chosen for the interview, while highlighting your regret that you would be unable to make it. Let the company at least know that you were pleased with the offer.

  • Be Honest

State the exact reason for declining the interview. In the event that it is for reasons you choose not to explain, simply state your reasons as such – key note however, do not lie.

  • Address the Email To the Interviewer

Find out who was scheduled to interview you and express your gratitude to them, while addressing them directly in the email.

This should leave a good impression for future contact.

Before you write your email!

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Sample Interview Decline Email

Sample Email to Decline An Interview

Subject: Re: Interview Offer

Dear Mr Mac,

I am writing with regard to the job interview earlier offered me by your prestigious institution.

I appreciate your consideration of me as a potential staff, as I am well aware of – and the reputation of your organization goes ahead of you.

While I am thoroughly grateful for the opportunity, I would also like to politely decline on the basis of a similar offer I have recently received from ABC Corporation, which I have decided to accept after immense consideration.

I hold your institution in high regard, however, and I am certain that you have received numerous applications from which you will choose a more than adequate candidate for the job.

Once again, I am grateful for your kind consideration.


Mabel Jones.

After all said and done, what is a job compared to the warmth of fostering friendships and maintaining a pool of contacts on which you could rely while on the best and worst of life’s winding roads?

Before you start writing your invitation letter

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Pretty woman surprised to receive an Interview confirmation email

Interview Confirmation email with samples

What is an Interview Confirmation Email?

You got that job interview you have been waiting for! Congratulations!!! You are so excited about the opportunity! What next? You send a quick email to confirm that you would attend the interview as scheduled. An interview confirmation email is an email sent to let your prospective employer or recruiter know that you would be attending the interview that you have been invited for. It is also a document you can use to ask some basic questions about the interview.

An interview confirmation email say a lot about you. It says that you are thoughtful and proactive. If well crafted it can put you a step ahead of your competitors for the position you have applied for. There are 2 other emails that are also referred to as interview confirmation emails. You can find them later in this article.

Before you write your interview confirmation email!

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Sample Interview Confirmation Email.

This is an email response to an Interview Invitation Email.

Interview Confirmation Email Sample

Subject – Interview Confirmation  – Webmaster and Programmer – Dave Topal

Dear Mr Jones,

Thank you very much for inviting me to interview for the position of Webmaster and Programmer.

I really appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to meeting with the interview panel at 9.00am on Monday July 3rd in the conference room of your Office at 123 Queens road, New York.

I will bring all the requested documents. I will be happy to provide any other information you may require prior to the interview.

Thanks once again for the opportunity.

Dave Topal

Other types of Interview Confirmation Email

There are two other types of emails that come to mind when some refers to Interview Confirmation Email.

  1. It could be an email that is sent by an employer to confirm the date, time and location of an interview that has already been discussed over the phone.
  2. It could be an email that is sent by an employer to confirm the date, time and location of an interview schedule that a prospective employee has agreed to via email.

Interview Confirmation Email sent by an Employer to a Job Applicant

If you have just concluded a preliminary interview with a job applicant over the phone. You have already concluded on the date, time and location of the interview verbally. It is always good practice to send an email to confirm the details of the interview.

Interview Confirmation Email Sample from Employer

Subject: Invitation to Interview

Dear John David,

Further to our phone conversation, I would like invite you to interview for the position of Webmaster and Programmer.

The interview will take place at our office in New York at 9.00am on June 3rd. You will be interviewed by an interview panel led by Mr Bob sample. The interview should last for about 90mins.

Kindly come to the interview with a government issued ID and a list of references. We look forward to seeing you.

Best Regards

Mark Thomas


people waiting for job interview

Interview Invitation Email With Sample

What is an Interview Invitation Email or Letter?

An interview invitation email or letter is a document used to request the attendance of a potential employer for a job interview. It is used to inform a job applicant that the company they have applied to work with is interested in further discussions.

If you are in the process of hiring someone for your business, you have posted a job opening, received applications then you are on the right page. The next step in the job hiring process is to shortlist the applications you have received and send out an interview invitation email for the first interview.

Before you write your interview invitation email or letter!

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Contents of an Interview Invitation Email of Letter

When writing an interview invitation letter, pleasure that you have the following in your email or letter.

The position that you want to fill

This is to confirm to the job applicant that this is the position they have applied for. Many job interview invitation emailseekers apply to many different companies and they could loose track of the position they applied for.

Date, time and location of the interview

This is the most important part of the letter. You want your applicants to be able to locate the venue of the interview and be there at the right time. If you know that your office location is difficult to locate, you may attach a map or give some directives.

The interviewer

Optionally you may add information about the person who would be conducting the interview. If you are a small business, you would most likely be conducting the interview yourself or with your partner. In this case, you can mention that they will be interviewed by the hiring manager.

What to bring to the interview

It is important to inform the applicant about the documents that you expect them to bring to the interview. Typical documents include original copies of certificates, list of references, copies of previously completed works etc.

What to expect at the interview

Would you be conducting an aptitude test? Would you be asking your candidates to perform some specific job related tasks? You may choose to let the applicant know so that they can come prepared.

A contact phone number

This is important so that if they run into any challenges on the day of the interview, they can have an alternate method of contacting you. You may also provide a contact email if the email from which you would be sending the interview invitation email is a general one.

Interview Invitation Email Sample

Here is an example of an Interview invitation sent via email to a job applicant who has been selected for a one-on-one interview.

Interview Invitation Sample

Email Subject Line: Invitation to Interview

Dear Mary Matiki,

We have reviewed your application for the position of Online Researcher and Fast Article Writer as well as your assigned product review article. As a result, I would like to invite you to attend an interview on April 3rd, at 9 AM at our office in 234 Lancaster lane, Queens, Newyork. 11114.

The interview will be with our Chief Editor Brian Wilson. Expect the interview to last about 45 mins. Please bring along with you copies of your previous publications, a list of references and your drivers license.

Please contact me on 222-333-4444 or to confirm your attendance at the interview. If you have a disability and require any special arrangements to assist you at the interview, please let me know.
We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,


Moses Mak
Moses Mak
Administrative Executive
Makak Publishing
234 Lancaster Lane
Queens, NY 1111

When to send the Interview Invitation Email or Letter

You should give at least week for the job applicants to prepare for the interview. The more time you give the better. If you have a good number of applicants, you may decide to have the interviews on two different days. Some applicants would need to take time off their current jobs to attend the interview, giving them more time to prepare will increase your chances of getting a better fit for your operation.